Chances are Mother Nature doesn’t have to think twice about what to wear on a frosty Monday morning but for us mere mortals, wrapping up against her wintry wrath is an annual challenge.

Of course we all want to avoid chapped lips, cold ears and drizzle-frizzed hair, but for those of us who want to do it in style, winter comes with a shovel load of fashion effort.

Piling on lots of layers can feel and look bulky so start off with some not so glamorous thermal underwear. Silk versions are whisper thin and they’ll give you a vital heat-retaining layer that will help keep you from turning blue.

Choose cosy women’s knitwear in luxurious fabrics that keep you toasty and maintain a streamlined silhouette. A preppy style boyfriend cardigan in cashmere, linen or crepe will drape beautifully over your hips. Team it with a pair of slim-fitting trousers for a neat look or sling it on over a form-fitting knitted dress for additional warmth.

Keep your heat to yourself and top off your outfit with a hat. This season it’s all about the beanie. Bold colours and shimmering sequins might brighten up your outlook, but be wary that your hat doesn’t mess with your head. Beanies are kryptonite to a carefully coiffed hairdo so try a wide-brimmed felt hat instead. The brim defines your jaw line, accentuates your cheek bones and emphasises a perfectly arched brow.

Big belted puffa coats and statement toppers are a style must-have this season, but it’s hard to beat the classic trench coat. Good for three seasons out of the four, a slick trench that sits on the knee and is cinched in at the waist with a belt tie is hard to beat.

If you want a diversion from the safe fashion route, opt for an impact-making poncho or even a cape. They are amazingly warm, slip on over the bulkiest of jumpers and look fantastic balanced out with a pair of skinny jeans and knee high boots.

Finally, wrap yourself up in a big scarf. Not just for outdoors, a well tied scarf can balance out the proportions of your outfit and act as a statement accessory. Choose one of the bold digital prints that are so Right Now or simply add a splash of clashing colour. As a dramatic alternative, go for a faux fur collar. Choose one that sits over your shoulders for a Highlander effect and snuggle up in all that cuddly cosiness.