How to Choose Flattering Dress Colours for Your Bridesmaids

How to Choose Flattering Dress Colours for Your Bridesmaids
Courtesy of Vow To Be Chic

Your wedding may be all about you and your S.O. but selecting beautiful bridesmaids dresses is just as important as finding the perfect bridal gown for yourself. This task can prove trickier than you may think, though—everyone is different and some colours may not suit one of your girls as well as the other. And the point is for all of them to feel and look beautiful, especially if they are paying for the dresses. 

We recently caught up with Kelsey Doorey, founder and CEO of online rental boutique Vow To Be Chic that specializes in bridesmaids dresses, and asked her about the things you should consider when selecting your bridal party's dresses. Doorey previously worked with The Phelps on making sure Nicole's BFFs looked stunning at her wedding. Here's what she told InStyle:

Consider the season

"Summer is great for light colours while fall and winter lend themselves better to deeper tones," says Doorey. You may also take into consideration the venue and its overall aesthetic. Sure, you may decorate a barn to look incredibly formal and classy, but it is still a barn, so use this as inspiration.

When in doubt, go neutral

"Neutral colours are a safe way to flatter everyone and they are perfectly on trend. We recommend colours like charcoal, beige, champagne, and blush," suggests Doorey. "After all, blush is the new black! It's the millennial colour of the moment, and it's classically bridal."

It's not the end of the world if these shades don't quite match your wedding palette. As long as they work within it, it's totally fine to go in a different colour direction.

In Doorey's words: "As one of our favourite wedding planners says, your bridesmaids aren't going to be laying across the tables so they don't have to match the tablecloth exactly." Amen to that.

Mix and match

This is one of the most popular trends right now—let your bridesmaids decide what they want to wear, but give them certain guidelines. 

For example, stick to one colour palette, but play around with the silhouettes and fabrics of the dresses. That way your friends will not all look like the same person but there will also be a common thread in their outfits that binds them together.

Courtesy of Vow To Be Chic

And the bridesmaids wore white

Letting your bridesmaids don white doesn't mean they'll overshadow you. In fact, an all-white wedding could look so chic if done the right way.

"Dress the 'maids in short dresses. This differentiates them from the bride who is typically wearing a floor length gown," suggests Doorey. "Fabrics are another differentiator. If the bridal gown is lace, dress the bridesmaids in silk or chiffon."

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