6 Stunning Wedding Venues You Can Book on Airbnb

6 Stunning Wedding Venues You Can Book on Airbnb
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Finding a beautiful wedding venue is one of the most challenging tasks you'll face in the months after your engagement. Not only will this location become the backdrop for your nuptials, photos, and the place where you will host your closest friends and family, but it will also be the most expensive item on your pre-wedding to-do list. In fact, almost half of most budgets goes towards booking a venue. But that only comes after a lengthy research period during which you negotiate with property owners and spend time being frustrated with everything from availability issues to capacity and prices.

More than once, you'll find yourself thinking: Why can't this be as easy as booking a holiday spot on Airbnb? And the answer is: It can. The easy to use site is flowing with beautiful venues where one could host a small to medium-sized event—we're talking castles in Tuscany, villas in Greece, and beautiful mansions in the Catskill mountains that are all perfect for an enchanting celebration.

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Here, we rounded up six of the most gorgeous spots you could book to host the wedding of your dreams.

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