How I Wear... Denim Shorts. By Fashion Blogger Lindsey Holland 


‘You don’t want any bottom cheeks hanging out the back of them. That’s the main thing when it comes to choosing denim shorts,’ giggles Lindsey Holland. For the @RopesOfHolland blogger getting the length right can often be extra tricky. Standing at 6ft she explains that to avoid any bum flashes most of the time she'll alter them herself. Having originally trained as a physiotherapist, Lindsey started her blog as a way of expressing her style and interest in fashion. It didn't take long for her following to grow and work will brands to come pouring in leading to Lindsey to make the decision earlier this year to go part time with her work on an NHS elderly ward, to allow more time to focus on turning her passion into a business. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed and you'll spot that the 30 year old London based blogger definitely has a penchant for denim. From snapping selfies in the South of France to streetstyle shots in LA with her fellow blogger pals Katherine Ormerod and Lizzy Hadfield, Lindsey is never far from rocking a pair of denim shorts. Here she talks how she makes it work for her leggy frame...


'Denim shorts are definitely quite difficult to buy. I literally live in vintage Levi's 501's. It's harder to find a good fit on the highstreet. Sometimes I'll try them on but they'll be way too short as I'm quite leggy. I mean if you've got a peach, flaunt it. But there is a limit!'

'I'll normally just buy vintage Levi's 501's and then cut them to a length that works for me. They should be slightly baggy when you buy them. You don't want to end up with hot pants. Cut them to a 3/4 length first then put them back on. Use a pencil to line where you want to cut them. Take them off, lie them flat and then cut straight across. I'll make them level, then use the edge of the scissors to fray them. Pop them in the wash after as this helps bring out the fray more.

'If you are going to buy a pair from the high street then go for a plain pair rather than anything too distressed. If the edges look too perfect but the fit is good you can always alter this at home. Just cut the frays a bit more. The most important thing is that they're not to tight or short. The scoopy ones that are high-up at the hips and then come under your bottom cheeks are never a good look.'

Brit blogger Katherine Ormerod on how to wear skinny jeans and still look chic

'When it comes to wearing them to a festival you don't need to try too hard. Just pair them with a  a slogan tee or a bodysuit. I have a great striped one with a slash at the neckline from L&A. You want the top half to be quite fitted and then the shorts a bit loose and slouchy. I'll always wear them with some slip on sandals or something like Converse or Vans. Never wear heels with them. That’s just really weird.'




[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Lindsay, and today I'm going to talk to you about how I wear my denim shorts. I really love denim shorts because they're so easy to wear. This pair are my favorite. I got them at a vintage store in Amsterdam actually. They're oversized. They're not too tight. They're at a great length so there's no bottom cheek hanging out anywhere. Today I have paired my denim shorts, WIth this linen trench dress from Drexel. I'm wearing it open because I really like the portions. I'm lucky so I like that it's cover me up a little bit And I always do go for a flat shoe or a kind of sandal because I feel like heels don't work with denim shorts. So I'm a massive magpie when it comes to jewelry and Too much is never enough. And, my final accessory is this basket bag. It's one of the most natural neutral kind of bag to go with the denim look. Comes with everything in it. And, I really love the way it makes this look feel. And, that's it. I'm good to go, my denim look. [MUSIC].
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