Alexis Foreman On Why Wide Legs Are More Flattering Than Skinnies 


'I think the silhouette you get with a wide leg trouser is really forgiving and makes me feel comfortable,' explains Alexis Foreman, the blogger behind StyleMemos. 'I got into the style about four years ago. My first pair were from COS and I wore them loads.' Based in Brighton, the graphic designer turned full-time influencer and mum of three boys, can often be found posting #OOTD posts on her popular Instagram account, the majority regularly featuring her penchant for wide leg trousers. 'I have five pairs I wear reguarly. And I always wear them day to night.'  With a background in design and art direction, Alexis's clean cut aesthetic has earned her loyal following who flock to her for inspiration across fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 'If I was to sum my style up I'd say it was clean and minimal but with a bit of a twist. I like to have a point of interest. I think I reached fashion maturity in my mid twenties and found my rhythm, and my job as a graphic designer really helped with that. My inspiration for that dictates what I wear. And my colour palettes are inspired by art.' 



Here she talks through her wide leg trousers dos and don’ts. Plus watch the video above where Alexis breaks down her trouser styling formula...

When I had my first child Frank, I was very concious that I wasn't going to let myself fall into not caring about what I wore. So I'd always take 20 minutes to get dressed and put my make-up on. Having children has swayed me more to feeling comfortable and practical but not sacrificing style. That's why I love wide leg trousers. They look great but you can still move in them. 

I love wearing them day to night. For me there's not a huge difference between the two. So I'll wear the same trousers but maybe add a statement pair of earrings and a different bag. I don't like to tart up. I might add a red lip but that's it. 

If I find a pair I love but they're too long, I'll tailor them myself. I'll take them up about an inch. I just tack them.

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When looking for a pair, one of the most important things is the fabric. If you've got a great firm bum and thighs then fine but otherwise there are some fabrics that are really see through. Always see how they hang and what they're like in different lighting. The other key thing to look for is the fit on the waist. I find a higher waist is best. 

I like to experiment with shapes. You can add volume on top by wearing an A-line top too. That way you get a nice triangular silhouette, especially if you pair them with flat. Think of The Row, I'm always trying to channel that. 

I would never wear heels with a wide leg trouser. I just don't like what they look like. Especially a pointy heel, that's just weird. Get them taken up instead. 

If you're always wearing a more fitted shape and trying to wean yourself off of them, try a wide leg pair with a t-shirt tucked in. That way you'll still feel like there's some definition. 










[MUSIC] Hi I am Alexis and I am gonna show you one of the ways that I style the wide leg trouser. Of all my white leg trousers, these are definitely my favourites, really cool mustard shade I love the shape. I think it's really forgiving. I've never been one for skinny trousers and I just feel like these just work really well. Today I've styled these wide leg trousers with a simple black t-shirt. I really love this t-shit because of the long sleeves. And I've tucked it in just to show my waist. I would never wear them with heels. I love styling them with flats and today I am going for these white ones. And say the next addition to the outfit is these earrings. That's such a crazy old shape and they really lift the outfit. I really love the [INAUDIBLE] of these trousers But today, I feel like taking the outfit to another level, so I'm going to replace it with a statement belt. It's a twist on the bum-bag trend, and it's got these great little compartments that hold everything that I need. Next up, I'm going to take this basket bag with me, and I'm all set.
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