There’s nothing worse than landing halfway across the world on a much-needed holiday and realising you’ve left your bikini at home. Last-minute packing always leaves you missing at least one essential, so it pays to plan ahead, even if it is a little less spontaneous.

If you are throwing sandals and sunglasses into your suitcase as we speak, don't worry - we’ve done the hard work for you and our ultimate holiday packing list is right here for the taking.

We've learned from our own travel troubles to save you the pain of dead phones and trips to the foreign pharmacist - the InStyle Holiday Packing Checklist should have you completely covered for all your beach needs. So don’t be that girl who forget their plug adaptor – get packing!

Ellie Goulding on the beach in a perfectly mismatched bikini

Always take less than you think you need, you almost definitely won’t wear all of it and less clothes = more space for holiday souvenirs!
- Dresses – mini or maxi, and everything inbetween
- Jumpsuits/ playsuits - just remember how difficult they are to remove…
- Shorts – they don’t have to be denim!
- Skirts – again, long or short
- T-shirts/ vests/ shirts/ tops  - white is best to show off a tan
- Jeans and a light jacket – it does get balmy in the evenings!
- Sleepwear

One pair of each will be enough. Except for flip flops. You’ll ALWAYS break your flip flops.
- Sandals – one pair for show, one for actually walking
- Flip flops – and a spare pair for when the toe inevitably breaks
- Trainers/ plimsolls – you will do some walking right?! 
- Heels – don’t overdo the heels, one or two pairs will be enough
- Flats

- Bikinis and swimming costumes - take a few, nobody likes a damp bikini!
- Beach towel - separate from your washing towel
- Swim bag - this should be roomy
- Sarong/ kaftan - to cover up at the beach bar

Pack one pair of pants for each day with a couple extra (you never know…)
- Bras
- Pants
- Nude/ strapless underwear – whatever you need with the outfits you’ve packed
- Socks
- Trainer liners
- Bandeau bras – handy under crochet or sheer tops

- Sunglasses
- Sun hat – do spend the time to find one you like, and don’t say you don’t need one then get sunstroke (like we did)
- Scarf – we’re thinking for wrapping around your hair
- Jewellery – you will almost definitely not wear all of what you pack, so keep things simple and choose pieces that you can mix and match
- Watch
- Glasses/ contact lenses – what good is sightseeing if you can’t see?!

Check how many bags you can carry on the flight and weigh them – don’t take the risk!
- Beach bag – make it really big
- Tote – bottles of water, hats and sun cream are all now essentials to carry around
- Day bag – this should probably be different to your day-to-day handbag, leather in the heat isn’t the most comfortable
- Night bag/ clutch

If you’re travelling in a group, cut down on luggage weight and pre-plan who will bring which toiletries
- Suncream
- After sun – don’t underestimate the power of this!
- Shower gel
- Deoderant
- Moisturiser
- Razors
- Shaving cream
- Tweezers
- Toothbrush/ toothpaste
- Insect repellent – beat the bites before they’re even there
- Small first aid kit and plasters – blisters, bites and burns, you should be prepared
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Serum/ hair products – just your usuals
- Dry shampoo
- Hair grips/ hair bands
- Cleanser, toner, face moisturizer – lighter versions work better in high temperatures
- Face and body scrub – although the sand on the beach might be enough
- Face wipes, wet wipes – for wiping away mascara and sticky ice cream
- Sanitary towels/ tampons
- Nail clippers/ nail file
- Brush, comb
- Lip balm
- Travel tissues
- Travel mirror
- Medication/ vitamins – make a list beforehand and make sure you pick up prescriptions if you’re about to run out
- Towel – for washing, a separate one for beach!

Take light, creamy formulas, and bear in mind that heat can turn make-up a little funny
- Foundation
- Concealer
- Highlighter
- Bronzer – ditch this if you need space, you’ll be getting a natural glow!
- Powder
- Blusher
- Eyeliner
- Mascara
- Lipstick – balmy textures might feel more comfortable on holiday
- Nail varnish – for top ups
- Nail varnish remover
- Cotton wool
- Eyeshadow – cream formulas will glide on easily
- Perfume – remember heat heightens the strength of the fragrance

Keep all valuables in your hand luggage, but do check what’s allowed on a flight
- Phone and charger – check your roaming charges before you fly!
- Tablet or kindle and charger – download films, books and TV shoes for the plane
- Adaptors
- MP3 player and chargers
- Extension cord – this saves bringing multiple adaptors
- International phone/ SIM
- Camera and charger – delete old photos to make as much space as possible

- Passport – make sure this is IN DATE!
- Travel insurance – print out your documents and keep them safe
- English and foreign money
- VISA – if you need one
- Jabs – book these in advance before you go
- Hotel booking details
- Local map
- Phrase book – ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, ‘where’ and ‘how much’ are basics!
- Flight tickets
- Credit card – check if your bank charges for withdrawing money abroad
- EHIC card

- Notebook and pen
- Magazines and books
- Your valuables
- A change of clothes and underwear – for unexpected changes of plan
- Money in both currencies

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