Fish Pedicure, Aqua Sheko, London

Fish Pedicure, Aqua Sheko, London
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Spa Reviews: Fish Pedicure, Aqua Sheko, London

The lowdown This is a pedicure with a difference - plunge your feet into a tankful of Garra Rufa fish for 25 minutes and they will nibble away your dry skin and leave your feet silky smooth. These creatures are found in hot springs near Kangal, a small town in Turkey, where they have been softening bathers' skin for centuries. It is believed that they secrete an enzyme that improves skin regeneration.

The treatment On arrival, your feet are washed before you submerge them into a fish tank. At first, the sensation is rather odd - it tingles and tickles - but once you start to get used to the idea and dare look at these hungry therapists getting to work on your feet, you will start to relax. Be sure to book in for the Aqua Sheko Deluxe Premium (£55), which includes a wonderful 20-minute foot massage with lavender oil. Hand and full body treatments (the latter for the very brave only, but recommended for skin conditions such as psoriasis) are also available.

Where Aqua Sheko, 29 Frith Street, London W1D 5LG (tel: 020 7734 8977) and 14 Holland Street, London W8 4LT (tel: 020 3489 8336).

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