Es Saadi Palace Spa, Marrakesh

Es Saadi Palace Spa, Marrakesh
Es Saadi Palace Spa

Spa Reviews: Es Saadi Palace Spa, Marrakesh

The Lowdown: Es Saadi Palace, featuring 92 luxury suites, 10 villas and brand-new spa, sits in sight of the beautiful Atlas Mountains and a stone’s throw from the bustling souks of Marrakesh. With its tropical settings (the palace sits in 20 acres of garden), almost-constant sunshine and luxuriously relaxing spa, Es Saaadi has it all and is just a mere 3 hours’ flight away.

The stunning spa opened in December 2010, boasting a full range of lavish treatments, plus the world-renowned Dior Institute, a hair salon and organic restaurant. Completely private and hidden from view from the rest of the hotel, Es Saadi Palace Spa also welcomes non-residents to come and relax - a must for anyone attempting some bargain hunting in the souks!

The Spa: Consisting of 24 plush treatment rooms set over three floors, the spa, inspired by Oriental palaces, is built around a eucalyptus tree that exudes a calming aura; the ceilings are high with intricate plasterwork and the floors are beautifully tiled.

Book in for individual treatments or a personalised pampering program where friendly, knowledgeable staff guide you through your spa experience applying a mix of traditional practices and latest techniques. No detail is overlooked, making the experience all the more indulgent.

InStyle Recommends

Dior Institute Youthfulness ‘3D Massage’– 60 mins
Beauty comes from within so this treatment works from the inside out. A radiance-boosting facial is combined with a 3D massage tackling the muscle support function of the back, décolleté and face to help reinforce and regain posture – perfect for those hunched over a desk all day!

The Blissful – 60 mins
This four-hand massage blends the use of different pressures, textures and sensations, including a warm water balloon, which, when rolled over the body gives the sense of weightlessness. A truly blissful 80mins leaves you with an overall feeling of wellbeing and tranquillity.

Oriental Thermae
This unique spa feature takes you on a journey towards purification and detoxification by exposing the body to different temperatures and aromas. From dry or humid to steam or mist, the rooms are each fragranced with scents such as Oriental rose, orange flower, myrrh, mint and eucalyptus. All the rooms are decorated with shimmering mosaics in different colours, from warm rose to zingy green, and hued lights – this really is an experience for all the senses. When done refresh your senses using the crushed ice fountain!

In between treatments you can head off to the lounge on the terrace with its stunning views of the city and mountains. Spa goers can also enjoy a Jacuzzi, open-air massage, yoga and meditation, plus sip on fresh juices from the bar. Alternatively, you can rest with a fresh mint tea in the relaxation room, which is full of the most divine waterbeds that are a treat in themselves!

Treatments start at 400 Dh (about £30); a personalised programme starts at 3500 Dh (about £260) per person including use of the pool, Oriental Thermae® and solarium and a choice of treatments. The price also includes lunch in the spa’s organic restaurant “Bio du Bled”.

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