Chuan Day Spa at The Langham Hotel, London

Chuan Day Spa at The Langham Hotel, London
Chuan Spa

Spa Reviews: Chuan Day Spa at The Langham Hotel, London

The Lowdown: The Chinese have always had a natural approach to healing which has stood the test of time. While Westerners were bleeding themselves dry with leeches in Medieval times, Chinese doctors were using massage and acupuncture to balance the energy flows within the body to positive effect.

Europe’s first Chuan Spa uses the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help restore the mind, body and soul. Relax in the Feng Shui surroundings of the Chinese sanctuary and let yourself be pampered by the gifted therapists who work holistically to rebalance the Five Elements (fire, water, earth, metal and wood) that are essential for one’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

On the menu: Anyone in need of a de-stressing treatment (let’s face it, which London-dweller isn’t?) should book in for the Chuan Signature Harmony Massage, which uses a mixture of acupressure and various relaxing massage techniques with fragrant oils for deep relaxation. You can also experience acupuncture, hot stone therapy, and a host of beneficial and luxurious facials.

The highlight: The Five Element Assessment. This brief sensory questionnaire, carried out at the start of every treatment and based on how you are feeling on that particular day, will help determine which of the Five Elements is out of equilibrium. Not only does this inform the kind of treatment you will receive, but also the lifestyle adjustments you should make (I was told to eat more dark, leafy greens to help my liver). Fascinating stuff.

The details: 1c Portland Place, Regent Street, London W1B 1JA. 020 7973 7550.

By Maria Milano


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