Need A Massage That's So Good You'll Fall Asleep? Check Out This Spa...

Need A Massage That's So Good You'll Fall Asleep? Check Out This Spa...

A massage that's so good you'll fall asleep? Yup, check out the Bedford Lodge Hotel...

Where are we?

Weirdly, not actually in Bedford. Misleading, we know. The delightful Bedford Lodge Hotel is actually situated in the chocolate box racing town of Newmarket, roughly around an hour away from Bedford. Which we definitely thought to research ahead of our journey…

But back to the actual hotel…

A former 18th century hunting lodge now restored and expanded to include a brand spanking new spa, we get the feeling this is what Cheryl F-V's regular house looks like and we're more than happy to pay a flying visit. A cream mansion complete with gravel drives, perfectly manicured lawns and Jags parked up, it might seem at first a little yummy mummy, but give it a chance.

The surrounding countryside, converted barns and the race course casually sitting next door gives this the rural feel of a spa actual real people go to. Needless to say, our mother (who we visited with) was excited to find staff up for a full on chat and happy to help in any way humanly possible. Keeping your mother happy? Now that's service.

Can we have a massage now?

Yup! We're off to the separate spa building which is almost like a hotel in itself. Super plushy rather than sterile, the reception is nestled neatly into what could have been a huge bay window living room in a former life. If this is the just the room we walk through to get to the spa, we're in for a treat. We're allocated our therapists Shivonne and Rachel who are impressively punctual and already waiting for us to arrive. Up the stairs, it's to the treatment rooms!

Right we're there, hows the massage?

Glorious. We've both gone for the Lavender Poultice Massage and we've got no regrets. Starting with a much-needed foot soak and massage, a full body exfoliation and scrub down is topped off with a bowl of steaming lavender water placed under the bed so we can inhale the comforting scent while we're being pampered.

A quick shower next door and it's onto the poultice part of the massage. By now we've drifted off into a solid semi-sleep so being massaged with warm mushroom-esque pads of soothing lavender could be the clincher. Lovely Shivonne has sensed the tone perfectly and leaves me to it, what a legend.

We're just about awake, what now?

Time to check out the rest of the spa. Robes on and tigers eye bracelet locker keys donned (the chicest locker keys ever fyi),  it's time to hit the hydrotherapy pool. Housed in the floor to ceiling glass extension, we spent more than a few hours working out our aches and pains with the different jets and only a little time in the outdoor hot tub.. Well when there's a view over the countryside and race tracks like that, there's really no reason to leave. Well, apart from the GHDs and amazing Espa beauty products in the changing rooms.

All that relaxing has made us hungry, what's for dinner?

You're in luck, the hotel's award winning Squires restaurant is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the spa. We're not sure we would have made it much further. Seated swiftly next to the most delightful couple ever (although they may not have reciprocated our feelings after we talked their ears off), it was on to the starter of lime cured mackerel. Light, delicious and with a great amount of tang, it was the perfect start to an indulgent meal. And totally instagram-worthy obvs.

The couple next to us particularly enjoyed our constant snapping of each plate that arrived on our table. Well, when your gnocchi comes served with ginormous mushrooms and a parsley sponge, you have to take a photo, ok?  Speaking of which, that was delicious as well. Not normally one to opt for a sponge cake that looks eerily like moss as part of our main course, we were pleasantly surprised by the warm, freshly baked bread-like texture. Definitely one to add to our list of likes.

A dessert overflowing with miniature seaside treats including a marshmallow ice cream cone completed an experimental but pleasantly different meal. The best bit? The staff were almost too kind when we nearly walked out without paying the bill. Whoops.

Sounds amazing, how can we book?

Get yourself down to the spa for the most relaxing overnight stay ever by booking HERE.

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