Mile High – Destination: Andalucia

Mile High – Destination: Andalucia

Pop Up Restaurant Review: Mile High – Destination: Andalucia

Stepping downstairs into One Marylebone’s basement it would be fair to say I was a little worried about what I was letting myself in for. Thankfully all fears were instantly abandoned as two air hostesses welcomed me into the fifties-style Check In lounge with smiles almost as authentic as their Pan Am inspired outfits. Where am I? Mile High’s latest restaurant pop up of course. What is it? Simply put – it’s amazing food with a fifties travel theme. Each time the pop up decides to well… pop up, a different destination and consequently a different cuisine is selected. With Beirut, Sicily and Mozambique as previous locations, chef Ollie Templeton landed in sunny Andalucia, home of tapas, sherry and sea food, for their latest venture.

Having checked in and been presented with my very own personalised Mile High passport, the next challenge was to sweet talk the authentically dishevelled Guardia Civil at passport control. Complete with incomprehensible Spanish accent and signature unenthusiasm, it's clear they did their homework. One slightly awkward meet cute later and I’m on my way to a sherry cocktail.

All aboard, an air hostess with a somewhat misplaced Texan accent but otherwise completely lovely demeanour, sashays us into the dining hall (airplane?) to be seated before take off. Rustic banquet style tables adorned with copious bottles of Spanish red and candles galore add an air of Harry Potter at Christmas that is more than welcome. First up is a gazpacho style Salmorejo soup with watermelon and sunflower seeds. Light, flavoursome and who knew watermelon and tomatoes went so well together? Skip to the main where roast iberico pork with charred green peppers are the hero of the whole night. Perfectly pink sliced pork meets fruity and bitter grilled peppers; I could have eaten this for all four courses. I sort of wish I had.

After dinner entertainment included a surreal mix of air hostesses doing the macarina and classic Spanish flamenco dancing. Unexpected but hilarious nonetheless and with a glass of wine in hand, the end to a super fun alternative to your local La Tasca.

The Verdict: A tad surreal but embrace the theme and you’ll have an amazing and completely unique night with food way better than your last meal on Ryanair.

Mile High - Destination: Andalucia opens its doors between 30th July – 16th August 2014,

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