Stop The Press! Lodge D'Argent Is The Only Christmas Pop Up You Need To Know About

Stop The Press! Lodge D'Argent Is The Only Christmas Pop Up You Need To Know About

Festive cocktails, sheepskin rugs and cheese fondue all on a London rooftop? Yup, Lodge D'argent is the only festive pop up to be seen at this Christmas…

Lodge D'Argent? Sounds French to us…

Well sort of. This year's coolest (pardon the pun) Christmas pop up, Lodge D'Argent is chic city restaurant Coq D'Argent's more festive (and way more Insta-worthy) rooftop bar and terrace area. Covered in fairylights, pine trees and photos of epic alpine scenes, Lodge is more apres-ski cocktails than post-work drinks. The best bit? The panoramic views of London's nighttime skyline, perfect for filling those awkward first date silences. Who said rooftop bars are just for summer?

We're on the roof?! That's a little chilly, non?

Non! Snuggle up in the sheepskin rugs and blankets draped over your chair and keep cosy next to the handy outdoor heaters. Cocktails and a reason to snuggle up to your New Year's eve kiss candidate? We're in.

Ok but we'll need to eat at some point…

Fear not! Lodge is all about the French comfort food. Think everything from ultra-cheesy tartiflette and baked Vacherin to giant prawn tempura and fondue for two. There's even something for the boys - check out the venison burger with caramelised pear, cranberries and onion compote or the buttermilk fried chicken for bonus awesome date points.

Our fave? The mini warm brioches with Beaufort cheese. Simple but delicious and the only thing we want to eat on a chilly winter rooftop. Cheese haters need not apply.

Sounds cracking, what about those cocktails?

At Lodge it's all about cognac, cognac and more cognac. Our latest alcohol chameleon discovery, by the end of your evening you'll be a dedicated cognac connoisseur. Try the Snow Punch full of ginger ale for a Christmassy take on a Pimm's and lemonade or if you're feeling brave, go for the Winter Blazer aka the smallest cocktail we've ever encountered but officially the most flavoursome. Not for the faint hearted, two of these and the skyline might start to look a little wonky… Just make sure you remember to Instagram those adorable candy cane and cranberry cocktail accessories before the cognac kicks in.


The conclusion?

A snazzy city location that rises high above the corporate suits' post-work drinks - check out Lodge for a 'look how well I know London' impressive date location or the perfect way to end a festive Friday with a group of your besties and a whole lot of fromage.

Lodge D'Argent at Coq D'Argent is open now until the end of February.

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