La Pergola, Rome, Italy

La Pergola, Rome, Italy

Bar and Restaurant Reviews: La Pergola, Rome, Italy

The vibe Oh, hello, romance. Forget Florence and its room with a view: from its vantage point on the top floor of the Rome Cavalieri, itself perched atop one of Rome’s famous hills, La Pergola is the restaurant with a view – and possibly the most beautiful view in the world. La Pergola is Rome’s only three-Michelin-star restaurant and no wonder, with the combination of chef Heinz Beck’s haute cuisine, that view from the terrace and a space filled with the hotel’s collection of 18th- and 19th-century artworks. This is destination dining – in other words, your boyfriend needs to suit up. (And a visit is an EXCELLENT excuse to splurge on some Prada…)

The menu Where to begin? There are 53,000 bottles in the wine cellar, a WATER MENU featuring 29 varieties, and a “salt sommelier” who will set your mind reeling with his dazzling array of sodium options to accompany the never-ending supply of delicious bread and olive oil brought silver-service style to your side plate. Alongside a standard appetizers, first and main courses menu, there is the famed gourmet tasting menu – opt for six courses of your choice for €190 or nine for €210 and let your palate do the work. Among the gastronomic delights are Fagottelli “La Pergola” – essentially the finest ravioli you will ever have. Guaranteed – and the Grand Dessert, a frozen sorbet and chocolate mousse extravaganza served alongside a jewel box of extravagant petit fours. (Best go up a size on that Prada…)

The details La Pergola, Rome Cavalieri. W: To avoid disappointment, reservations are required well in advance. Contact, providing your contact information (mobile phone and/or your accommodation info in Rome).

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