Cassis, London

Cassis, London

Bar and Restaurant Reviews: Cassis, London

Museum-land A handy 60 seconds from the V&A’s hallowed front entrance in South Kensington, southern French bistro Cassis is the ideal pre-gallery lunch spot or venue for cocktails after evening events at the museum. And what cocktails they are! We love the new Côte d'Azur selection, including the Great Brigitte Bardot (white rum, Domaine de Canton liqueur, pineapple juice, orange bitters, cranberry juice, vanilla sirop)

Healthy eating Cassis’s head chef David Escobar and personal trainer Matt Roberts have teamed up to create a calorie-controlled menu – each main course is under 400 calories and any two-course combination comes in at under 650 calories (£21 for two courses; £25 for three). But it’s not miserable diet rabbit food – for starters, think carpaccio of octopus with baby San Marzano tomatoes and capers while main courses include a Mediterranean risotto. And there are even puddings!

The USP After the calorie-controlled menu, this may be something of a volte-face, but no review of Cassis would be complete without mentioning The Soufflés. So fabulous, they have to be capitalised! Available in Grand Marnier and orange or rich chocolate varieties, £12 each, we’d wager our Mulberry Alexa that you won’t have seen a soufflé this ginormous. Ever. They’re the Koh-i-Noor Diamond of desserts.

Details: Cassis Bistro, 232-236 Brompton Road, London SW3 T: 020 7581 1101 W:

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