Bedouin, Malta

Bedouin, Malta

Bar and Restaurant Reviews: Bedouin, Malta

Make your grand entrance: Malta is quickly building a growing party scene, but for night owls with a sophisticated eye (and a taste for cocktails!) Bedouin is a little more secluded, located just beyond the main district of Paceville. Look out for the hilltop entrance, which will light your way down to the open-air, beachside bar where you can soak in the sea views and laidback vibes until the early hours.  

By day and by night: InStyle recommends bagging one of the elegant linen-draped booths early in the evening to watch the sunset with a drink in hand. And, if you like the views, then come back by day and enjoy Bedouin as one of Malta's most tranquil seaside lidos. Wednesdays and Fridays are Bedouin’s late nights, and with mellow music filling the air, and coloured lights leading the way to the water, it's the perfect place to end a carefree day. If you want to carry things on into the night, it really starts to get going around 1am, so you can indulge in a spot of dancing under the stars.

Rough guide: Cocktails start from €8, while a bottle of wine will set you back between €11.50 - €23.50. Entry is by guestlist, so be sure to plan ahead.

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Dragonara Road

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