Alessandro, Restaurant

Alessandro, Restaurant

Bar and Restaurant Reviews: Alessandro, Restaurant

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You needn’t be in your spray-on Gucci number to dine at this cheerful, low-key woody cabin. Just bring your appetite and favourite food-loving friend, and consider wearing stretch slacks (actually, don’t), because you’re in for a truly hearty Milanese feast.

Alessandro’s family has been in the food biz in Milan for longer than your Pucci maxi dress, specialising in no-faff, homely Lombard fare. They have a beautiful villa restaurant in Masate, about an hour’s drive out of Milan, but thank your lucky city gal stars, because they have a bistro in town too.

The menu is succinct, with a few specials a day featuring seasonal ingredients. The unmissable mainstay risotto milanese is a golden pool of saffron-saturated carbalicious love that forms creamy orbs on your spoon, transforming into light but al dente grains on your tongue. Mmmm.

To accompany your meal, there’s a 350 bottle-strong, all-Italian wine list, and if you don’t know your Barbera from your Barolo, the kind staff, or maybe even the friendly regulars on the next table, will be there to help. You may only be a Zanotti strut from fashion nirvana 10 Corso Como, but that’s the kind of neighbourhood vibe Alessandro exudes. From the egg yolk yellow walls, to the next table’s Saint Bernard resting his chin on the tiles, all catwalk ‘tude is checked at the door and you’re left with good, honest northern Italian hospitality.

Via Maroncelli, 1. T: +39 02 6592880. W:

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