34 Things You’ll Only Know If You’ve Lived In Brighton

34 Things You’ll Only Know If You’ve Lived In Brighton

Brighton is SO much more than fish, chips and seagulls - btw, the two don’t mix

1. The Pier is not somewhere you willingly spend your time

2. Nothing will ever fill the pasta-shaped hole left by Fat Leo’s (RIP)

3. Seagulls are your enemy – ESPECIALLY when you have food

4. Which is why you rarely eat fish and chips on the beach. Nice idea, but we’d rather keep our hands

5. Don’t leave your bin-bags out overnight, either


6. The Argus headlines on seagull attacks do make us laugh, though

7. You’ve never been sure what the doughut sculpture actually represents (spoiler: apparently it’s a globe?!)

8. Fireworks night in Lewes scarred you for life

9. Sex on the beach is a thing

10. You’ve fallen asleep there at least once

11. …after chips from Buddies

12. Why won’t they let you eat them inside?!


13. Summer is basically tourist hell

14. Especially in Churchill Square or West Street

15. Speaking of West Street, AVOID AT ALL COSTS

16. Especially when the hen and stag dos roll into town

17. Love for The Green Party is strong

18. Don’t even THINK about walking in the cycle lane

19. It’s the North Laine and the South Lanes – don’t get it twisted

20. You’ll run into Pete from Big Brother every week

21. And you secretly love seeing Disco Pete


22. Rowlf, the piano-playing dog is another Brighton legend

23. As is The Oldest Gay In The Village

24. Skateboarding dog. Say no more.

25. Speaking of LGBT, there’s nowhere like Brighton for the best gay bars

26. You (not so) accidentally ate the nuts in R Bar once (…or maybe that was just me)

27. Clubs change their names more often than you get attacked by seagulls



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28. Brighton is the place to get vegan everything – including shoes and perfumes

29. You’ll need those shoes to trek up and down Brighton’s many, many hills

30. Naked bike ride? Zombie walk? Just another day, really

31. You STILL think the Pavilions look like The Taj Mahal

32. Don’t confuse Sussex and Brighton students…

33. Bitcoin is a legit method of payment

34. Do you even live in Brighton? Or is it Hove, actually?

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