My Top Gear Moment: Why I’m Loving The New Smart Forfour

My Top Gear Moment: Why I’m Loving The New Smart Forfour

Four years ago I had to make the tough decision to sell my car. Living in the middle of a city, it didn’t make financial sense to keep hold of it for a weekly Tesco trip. So when Mercedes Benz asked me if I wanted to test drive its new Forfour Smart car for the weekend, I jumped at the chance

To make the most of being behind the wheel again, I planned a trip to the New Forest where I could really stretch its legs (can you use that expression for cars?). A brand new, gold Forfour was delivered to InStyle Towers on Friday evening and my best friend and I jumped in, eager to hit the open road. But the open road had to wait as it took me 20 minutes to get the car in motion and pull out of the parking space. No problem with the car, I just couldn’t find the biting point.

It took me a while to get used to such a smooth ride – I was more accustomed to a dodgy clutch and an exhaust that sounded like a pneumatic drill. The Forfour was more of a silent, gliding pageant queen. The expert sat nav and impressive sound system made the car perfect for our road trip, navigating central London as well as the winding country roads.

I’m no car expert, but the Forfour certainly looks good, and is surprisingly spacious for a compact four-seater. I worried that it might not be able to keep up with the big kids on the motorway but it managed to hold his own.

Overall, I was impressed. This car has brains and beauty and I was sad to have to give it back. Now I’m desperately trying to work out what I can sacrifice to have it as a permanent fixture in my life. 

Here’s the technical bit:

- Sister car to the Fortwo – same immense strength and compact drivetrain but with rear doors that open to 85 degrees. Space for four adults and a load volume of up to 975 litres
- Prices for the Forfour start at £11,620 – a premium of just £495 over the equivalent Fortwo
- High-quality interior features textured fabric for the dashboard and a leather, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel as standard, joining automatic climate control, automatic start/stop, direct steer power steering, cruise control, a 3.5-inch TFT screen and ISOFIX
- Like the Fortwo, the Forfour is available with a 999 cc petrol engine with 71 hp and a turbocharged 898 cc petrol engine producing 90 hp – both equipped with five-speed manual gearboxes. Twin-clutch DCT gearbox option will follow later this year.
- Three model lines in the UK: Passion, Prime and Proxy
- Four seats, four doors and packed with technology, yet measures 3.49-metres in length
- Strong, rigid tridion safety cell is joined by ESP, Crosswind Assist, Hill Start Assist and seven airbags as standard – kerb weight of 975 kg

- Prices for the Forfour start at £11,620 – a premium of just £495 over the equivalent Fortwo

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