Is This The Best Holiday App Ever?

Is This The Best Holiday App Ever?
Beach Order App

Beach Order App allows you to order bespoke drinks to your beachside or poolside location with just the swipe of a finger.

The new app from Hillside Beach Club in Turkey lets you order drinks directly from your sun lounger to your sun lounger. Users simply enter their umbrella number plus the drink of their choice and the hotel will deliver it to them quicker than you can say Caipirinha. 

Available on iOS and Android users have the option to view photos, ingredients and the cost of drinks featuring cockatils, beers, juices and smoothies. There is also a notes section that allows you to customise your drink so if you want your Mojito with a little bit more of a kick than you can. 

The resort, located on the privately owned Kalemya Bay in Fethiye, Turkey focuses on the latest technology to enhance guest's luxury travel experience. Tablets with WiFi are provided for the transfer journey between the airport and the hotel whilst recommended Instagram points for holiday envy inducing #selfies can be found throughout the resort. 

It's safe to say you can expect many more smug #selfies from sunloungers as the Beach Order App gets put to good use.

By: Chloe Mac Donnell / @tweetchloe 





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