Where to stay and what to do in the chicest city in the world: Paris

Where to stay and what to do in the chicest city in the world: Paris

Everything you need to know about the perfect place to stay in Paris. The Hilton Paris Opera Hotel

People know Paris as the most romantic city in the world and whilst it is, it’s also the chicest, meaning that you can’t just stay in any old bed and breakfast. You must stay somewhere elegant, architecturally beautiful and relaxing if you want to feel truly Parisian. The recently renovated Hilton Paris Opera hotel encompasses all of these elements – which is why it’s InStyle’s top place to stay when visiting the city. Having recently spent a huge $50 Million on renovating the Paris Opera Hotel, Hilton have given this incredible space a breathe of fresh air. With 268 Guest Rooms and Suites available, each room has a uniform design, which is clean and modern whilst still embracing the history of Parisian architecture.

During my visit to the Hilton Paris Opera Hotel I couldn’t have felt more at home during my short stay. Upon arrival I was shown up to my room to check I was happy with everything. It was INCREDIBLE to say the least. I get overly excited at hotel bathrooms and this really was one of the cleanest, and chicest I had ever seen. I wanted to take it home with me (sadly this wasn’t an option). Under floor heating so that I didn’t have to bare the cold floor when getting out of the shower (which was heaven) and a bath big enough for me to take a swim. It felt truly relaxing. My room was sufficiently big enough for two people and had a lovely view which I could see over a Parisian style balcony making me feel as if I was staying in a little one bedroom on an 11th floor apartment block. Oh and it was pillow heaven! I had the best nights sleep.


After settling in that night I was shown around the rest of the hotel where there were many hidden gems I was yet to discover. An amazing fitness centre (which I probably should have visited after overeating considerably during my trip), 29 beautiful suites, including the Maria Callas Suite, which if you have the budget, I would definitely recommend and of course the Le Grand Salon which was the focus point as soon as you enter the hotel. One of my favorite places to visit during my stay Le Grand Salon was perfect for a peaceful breakfast in the morning, a busy and lively place to visit for dinner and a great place to wind down with a drink after dinner. If you love wining and dining then why not go all out and hire the Baccarat Ballroom. Catering for 180 guests it would be the dream place for a wedding or just a fancy party if that’s how you like to do things.


Now you know exactly where to stay in Paris here are 5 things you MUST do whilst you are there which the Hilton Paris Opera Hotel kindly made sure we experienced. Everything was right on our doorstep too so getting around was quick and easy.


The Moulin Rouge – Whilst it isn’t particularly tasteful it is an enormous amount of fun and one of the biggest attractions. If you love feathers, glitter and glamour you won’t be disappointed.


Shop – Pierre Hardy, Olympia Le Tan and Jerome Dreyfuss to name a few. These are the places you must visit if you want the perfect Parisian accessory to finish of your trip


Eat – Eat a lot and eat well and whilst fancy restaurants are obviously a must make sure you head to a traditional French restaurant in the market. It will be the best cheese you’ve ever tasted.


Drive – We were lucky enough to be shown around the beautiful city in a vintage car. If you can’t top this just make sure you look out the window whenever you are driving around – There is so many incredible buildings to see


The Eiffel Tower – Obviously this is a must and it needs no explanation.


The Opera House – You must take a guided tour. Whilst getting tickets can be rather expensive this allows you to embrace and experience its beautiful surroundings.


Whatever you decide to do on your Parisian trip the Hilton Paris Opera will make you feel truly French. I know I won’t be staying anywhere else next time I take a visit.


Rates from 239 Euros

Hilton Paris Opera

108 Rue Saint Lazare, Paris, 75008


TEL: +33-1-40084444

FAX: +33-1-42930120

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