The Hotel Transforming Kuala Lumpur Into Way More Than Just Your Next Stopover

The Hotel Transforming Kuala Lumpur Into Way More Than Just Your Next Stopover

Time to extend that mid-flight stopover ASAP

So you’re sure we should extend this stopover? We’re kind of keen to get to that infinity pool in Vietnam…

No, seriously, Kuala Lumpur (or KL as the cool kids/locals are calling it) is totally up and coming and worth a look around. Because, trust us, there’s actually loads to do.

Ok fine, but where can we find a decent hotel?

You’re in luck, the brand spanking new 5 star St Regis hotel is all the luxury you could want without being tacky, trad or in the middle of nowhere.

Start by checking in at the reception desk surrounded by edgy equestrian-themed leather murals and giant tropical flowers. FYI the staff are SO polite and kind even the most casual of mid-flight travellers are made to feel welcome. No snooty service here. Oh, and the air con is so good your Monica from Friends post-Barbados hair will be super grateful for a break from the humidity.

Go up to your room via the drawing room complete with an original Fernando Botero bronze horse sculpture that’s absolutely massive and slap bang in the  middle of the room. Not a bad view when you’re munching on your afternoon tea - which, by the by, is delightful. All pastel and gold crockery, pastries that look fresh out of Paris and, going the extra mile to make us Brits feels at home, the scones even come with actual clotted cream, not the regular whipped variety, so Emily our concierge prided herself on telling us.

You know what? We’re sold. Take us to our room!

Aaaaaand it’s massive. With a whopping 63m square as standard, you can lunge instead of walk, leave every belonging you packed strewn across the floor, have a ten person pre-dinner cocktail party  (the custom-made signature mini bar shaped like a vintage suitcase is the one) and still have room for the plushiest double bed you’ve ever slept on.

Don’t even get us started on the bathroom. If you’ve had a bath with a better view than the KL skyline lit up at night we’ll eat our hats.

Feeling particularly fancy? Upgrade to one of the 52 suites (yup, now you’re in suite territory) which have an actual massage room. Not kidding. Add that to the separate powder room and walk-in wardrobe that comes in every room, and the best part of being in Asia - heated toilet seats - and you’ve got the chicest haven in the middle of a crazy city ever.

Yeah, I'll take it

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Best. Room. Ever. Buuuut eventually we have to leave for food and general sustenance. Where can we go?

Stop by the ridiculously snazzy Astor cigar bar complete with lockers where guests can leave their favourite rare tipple and a wine room with gold leaf dome ceiling (natch) before heading on up to the rooftop Crystal bar. Heard of the Petronas and Menara towers? Well, they look better from up here.

Kick off with a signature St Regis bloody mary which might sound out of place in the middle of Malaysia but actually turns out to be a surprisingly spicy and refreshing accompaniment to KL’s local cuisine. Speaking of which, if you’re into your Asian food, you’re gonna dig this.

Go for the seabass with chili paste and pickled apples, lamb rack with green chili paste, or the chicken with black sauce and you won’t be disappointed. Even spice haters will be converted.

But the highlight? Banana strudel with vanilla ice cream. Sounds basic, tastes out of this world.

And holla to all you allergy sufferers out there - these guys know how to deal with dietary issues. The chef personally adjusted each dish to be nut-free just for us. Which in the middle of Asia is kind of a travelling win.

Yup, it’s happening. We’re in. How can we book?

Ah the wonder of the internet. Just click HERE to go straight through to the most delightful day in KL you’ll ever have.

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