Visit Emilia Romagna aka Your New One Stop Travel Shop For All Things Foodie And Italian

Visit Emilia Romagna aka Your New One Stop Travel Shop For All Things Foodie And Italian

Truffle hunting, handmade tagliatelle and some surprisingly sexy bread, yup, Emilia Romagna is officially our new foodie heaven…

We don't know about you, but our idea of the ultimate holiday is one food filled road trip through Italy. So that's what we did. Three stunning towns, one area of Italy (FYI Emilia Romagna is the best-tasting destination ever), and a whole lot of food. Bring it on!

Where are we going first?

First stop is the quaint historic town of Ferrara, roughly an hour outside of Bologna. With an ancient castle, authentic Italian restaurants and cobbled streets, this ticks all our dream holiday boxes. Grab yourself a hire bike and take a cycle around the city. It's the only way to travel, just look at the locals.

Cycle through the city past the beautiful university and out the other side to the city walls where you'll come across a whole load of fields and woodland seemingly out of nowhere. Follow the path along the walls, checking out the locals getting their daily power walk on the way, and make sure to stop and check out the city gardens.

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A full working farm and grocery shop surrounded by hedgerows and vineyards pops up seemingly out of nowhere. You might just think you're in the countryside until you cycle five minutes down the path and end up back in the city centre. Surreal but totally brilliant.

Our must eat? The traditional Coppia bread shaped to represent two entwined lovers. We nicknamed it sexy bread, because we're mature like that. Book for dinner at Cusina e Butega and you won't regret it.

So that was great, where next?

A hop, skip and a jump over to Ravenna. History buffs, this one's for you. Jam packed full of ancient mosaics from the Byzantine era and Dante's actual tomb no less, there's more culture than you can shake a stick at. Which is great and all but we're hungry again, off to Santarcangelo!

Where are we staying?

The delightful Collina dei Poeti, home of ridiculously beautiful vineyards (FYI get the right time of year and you can help with the olive and grape harvests) and the friendliest family staff members ever. We may have adopted one as our new Italian mother…

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A traditional ragu and tagliatelle pasta making class later and we're officially pros. Is there anything better than making pasta from scratch and eating it for dinner? Also, fun fact, spag bol isn't actually a thing. It's called Ragu in Italy and is only ever served with tagliatelle. Who knew?

We've slept off our carb coma, now where?

A short drive to Pennabilli tucked cosily away in the mountains. If you ever want an Insta-worthy sunset, this is the place to see it. With panoramic views of the Italian countryside, a cheeky Michelin starred restaurant (Il Piastrino to be specific), and a swift 20 minute drive to Sant'Agata Feltria for truffle hunting, this is the ultimate foodie getaway.

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Truffle hunting??? Hold. The. Phone.

Yup, we're up at the crack of dawn (read: 8.30) to get our wellies on and find us some truffles. And no, we didn't have a pig with us. It's actually illegal to use them to hunt truffles now (also they eat most of it before you can grab them anyway) so instead we've got an adorable cocker spaniel helping us sniff out our prize.

One hour, two handfuls of truffles and one happy spaniel later, we've had the best country ramble ever. The downside? You don't actually get to keep the truffles. We know. Buuuut, that's why we're off to the National White Truffle Fair.

An entire market dedicated to white truffles, it takes place every Sunday in October. If, like us, your favourite thing is perusing food stalls, tasting samples of cheese and buying cured meats (and truffle honey), you're in luck. We're now addicted to cooking everything with truffle butter. Sorry Lurpak.

Best. Day. Ever.

Right?! Get your own Emilio Romagna adventure underway by checking out their snazzy site HERE.

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