Booking A Holiday In Greece? Pay This Cool Boutique Hotel A Visit (You Won’t Regret It!)

Booking A Holiday In Greece? Pay This Cool Boutique Hotel A Visit (You Won’t Regret It!)

Nestled into the cliff of Santorini’s tiny town Imerovigli, this boutique hotel makes a heavenly Greek holiday destination

Back in September, my husband and I took ourselves off to the stunning Greek Island of Santorini to celebrate our wedding anniversary. And I couldn’t think of a better place to have been than the Iconic Santorini; a boutique cave hotel in a quiet village that is luxurious without being showy and really, REALLY relaxing…

So what’s the vibe?

This hotel is built entirely into the cliff, so it’s made to get you looking out over the breathtaking view of the Caldera. Everything is immaculate – there are staff cleaning and painting all the time to keep those walls and floors pristine white. There’s a magical feel to the whole village of Imerovigli; as you look around you can see blue roofs of Santorini’s trademark churches and people chilling out in the other hotels nestled into Imerovigli’s cliff. At which point you can’t help thinking that you’re definitely in the nicest one!

And what about the rooms?

We stayed in a classic suite which was a fabulous escape into cool air – because the rooms are essentially caves it’s a real relief from the Greek heat! It was decorated beautifully and I especially loved the bathroom with its view over the sea and lovely Aesop products. For a little more luxury, you can book a Caldera suite which has a private plunge pool.

The sea looks a long way away – where can I swim if I don’t have a private pool?

There is a dreamy infinity pool next to the bar which is often empty because people are in their private pools! It’s not big enough for doing particularly energetic lengths or anything, but it’s an essential part of the hotel because you don’t have access to a beach.

How about if I fancy a bite to eat?

The hotel has a fantastic restaurant (the fresh fish is particularly good) and you can choose whether to eat in the restaurant or to have the food served to your table outside your room (this is the most popular choice). The town doesn’t really have any restaurants of its own but the bustling town of Oia is just 15 minutes by taxi and has some brilliant modern Greek restaurants including Passaggio (also great for breakfast and cocktails - not at the same time!), Oia Vineyart and Pito Gyros if you find yourself in need of a late night kebab!

Is there anything else to do in the hotel?

There is a spa where you can book holistic massage either on your own or as a couple, and then take a dip in the grotto pool afterwards. There is also a gym. Other than pottering about Imerovigli to see the beautiful blue-topped churches, that’s about it, which makes this the perfect place to really switch off and relax. Santorini is only a small island though, so it’s easy to get out and about the visit other towns. I also highly recommend the sunset boat tour you can do from the harbour in Oia.


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