Have You Been To The Happiest City In The World?

Have You Been To The Happiest City In The World?

Spoiler: it’s NOT a Scandi city

And the happiest city in the world is… Seoul, South Korea. We’ve gotta say we’re a little surprised, it always seem to be the Scandi capitals that top the happiest city lists.

But the Korean government has a major focus on health and education, according to a new report by design and consultancy firm Arcadis, and it’s this that has helped propel Seoul to the number one spot.

The Koreans have certainly got their fashion downpat, check out these amazing street style looks from Seoul Fashion Week

The report looks at 100 major cities in the world and ranks them across a few different indexes. How a city faired in the ‘people sub-index’ is a measure of happiness and isn’t necessarily linked to the ‘profit sub-index’ which measures economic health.

The 'people sub-index' measures things like: Income inequality, crime, education, work-life balance, health and affordability. 

London, while it is ranked fifth in the list of wealthiest cities (Seoul came in at 18), is a depressing 37th in the world when it comes to happiness. This is because of severe social inequality, crime, lack of housing and other major issues. 

Come on LDN, get your act together. No pressure, Sadiq Khan... 

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