Log Cabins And Hot Tubs - Move Over Center Parcs, It's All About Forest Holidays For The Perfect Easter Escape

Log Cabins And Hot Tubs - Move Over Center Parcs, It's All About Forest Holidays For The Perfect Easter Escape

The chicest Center Parcs you'll ever have the fortune of visiting, check out Blackwood Forest for the ideal nature getaway (that's only an hour drive from London)…

It's finally the Easter break, we'd like to escape it all please...

Well we're off to Forest Holidays' Hampshire outpost in Blackwood Forest aka the grown up version of Center Parcs minus the weird wave machine and dodgy pancake restaurants.

But there's nature right? We're a little over London right now…

Oh there's nature. Our two bedroom cabin (with heated flooring no less) had a giant floor to ceiling window looking out into the middle of the woods which surround the entire area. Step out your front door and you're in the middle of a forest. Seriously, it's like London isn't a hop, skip and an hour drive away. Don't believe us? Just look outside at night. You can't see anything. Yup, it's actually dark. Take that London light pollution.



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So what is there to do? We want activities!

Loads. From foraging trails and archery to horse riding through the actual real life countryside or just taking a walk around the forest and inhaling some much-needed clean air, there's more nature-based activities than you can shake a stick at. If you're feeling really crazy, check out the Saturday night pub quiz. A log fire, a glass of fizz and a quiz with the other cabin inhabitants made it the most enjoyable and chilled out evening we've had in ages.

Ok, back at the cabin, we heard there's a hot tub…

Oh there's a hot tub. Essentially a perfectly hot bath that's ready to go whenever you are but with the added benefits of not having to wait an hour for it to fill up and a forest view from the decking to die for. We made the most of the great British weather and took a dip in the rain which FYI is the only way to experience being in a downpour without being totally miserable. And yes, we had a lot of fun with the hot tub disco lights, so sue us.

What if it's really chucking it down?

No problem. The cosy cabin is the perfect place for hunkering down, watching a film and getting a cheeky pizza from the in-house takeaway service. Yes, it's actually brought to your cabin door. Ideal. If Netflix isn't your thing, make the most of the in-cabin Scrabble board that adorably says 'Welcome' on arrival. TOO CUTE.

Sounds like the perfect escape from our commute-induced stress, how do we book?

Just click HERE and forget the Northern line ever existed.

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