20 Airbnbs You HAVE To Stay In At Some Point In Your Life

20 Airbnbs You HAVE To Stay In At Some Point In Your Life
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Or now.

Airbnb has changed our lives — you can now rent pretty much anywhere in the world for actually affordable amounts. It's a game-changer.

While swanky hotels are pretty much a no-go on a 'normal' salary, now we can plan those city breaks pretty quickly and save up for those properly amazing looking places you've always wanted to stay.

To give you inspo for your next trip, or just dream fodder, we've created an Airbnb bucket list. There are the uber-geek themed places (Star Wars, Super Mario... It's quite unbelivable) as well as just 100% dreamy destinations you'll want to move to right this second. Whether you're a sea view kind of person, or like a more rustic star gazing sesh or stay in a tree house, or even a converted railway carriage (yes, really), there is quite literally something for every vacay.

You can even stay in these celebrity Airbnbs (where Gwynnie and Mariah have actually stayed), or just the most luxury homes if you're feeling fancy.

Check out the 20 Airbnbs you should stay in before you die (morbid, but for reals)...

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