11 Luxury Homes You Can Rent On Airbnb

11 Luxury Homes You Can Rent On Airbnb

Spring is finally here which means that it's time to start planning your summer holiday. Or if you're really organised your winter vacation. We all know how stressful it can be, afterall you've pretty much got the entire world to choose from. So we've done the hardwork for you and headed to airbnb to round up the best luxury homes worldwide. From a treehouse in Cornwall to your own island in Fiji for just over $200 per week, whatever option you choose you're guaranteed to gain some major instagram likes plus the holiday of a lifetime...

The Rockstar Pad In Texas

If you've always wanted to live like Mick Jagger or Debbie Harry, now's your chance. Located within the Palazoo Lavaca, one of Austin's most lavish buildings, this house boasts the most decadent interior design, think chandeliers, velvet furnishings, coffered ceilings and exquisite artwork.


The Californian Eco Home


Located near Joshua Tree National Park in Pioneertown, California, this house is off-grid meaning its powered by solar panels for energy and hot water but don't worry there's nothing basic about this pad. With its floor to ceiling window panelling you can watch the sun set or even rise from every single room. With no TV or wifi it's a proper escape, plus you can even arrange to have fresh green juices delivered each morning to make you feel like you are really living the Californian dream.

The Italian Country Pile


Surrounded by olive trees, in the heart of Puglia, lies this country Italian mansion. You can choose to spend some time on the surrounding farmland. Or if you prefer not to see another human being for the entire duration of your stay, that's possible too. Simply tell the staff and your meals will arrive via pulley through a secret wall hatch.


The Hip Berlin Pad


Located in one of the last remaining Berlin factories, this is industrial chic at its best. Your next-door neighbours are either bearded artists or DJs. There's even a lounge night and a legendary tango night held in the same complex. But you'll probably be too distracted persuring the design titles on the bookshelf, or lazing in the claw-foot bathtub in the bedroom.


Your Own Fijian Island


The term "once in a lifetime experience" is often freely bandied about, especially when it comes to holidays but we have to admit you'd be hard pressed to find a more apt phrase for this Fijian offering. Nanuku Island is a marine and wildlife sanctuary in the South Pacific, and all 10 acres can be yours. That's right, an entire island all to yourself, well not including the coconut trees and baby turtles that roam the shore. The accommodation, is divided into two traditional Fijian-style homes, both only 10 steps from the ocean and there are 8 beds in total. So that means it can sleep 16 right? So we've worked out that means that every guest would only have to pay just over $200 per week to stay. Start gathering your mates now!

The Romantic Hideaway On The Isle Of Skye



The Sri-Lankan Retreat

On a croft in Heaste, on the Isle of Skye lies these two shepherd huts. But with running water, electricity and even 3G, we're talking luxe shepherds not damp farmyard. Eggs for breakfast are supplied by the hens that peck around the doorway, while the only neighbours you can expect to bump into are the on-site donkeys.


Accomodating up to 12 people, this colonial style house is surrounded by a lake and pool. You can borrow the on-site horses to ride around the farm's cashew and coconut plantations or head to the local beach to spot dolphins and humpback whales. Or you can just hang by the hot-tub and indulge in the chef's traditional Asian creations.


The Chic Icelandic Hang-Out

Admire the aurora borealis in winter or watch the midnight sun in the summer time from this Icelandic pad. The host even has huskies for dog sledging around the local mountains.


The Mexican Dreamhouse


Located in Isla Mujeres, just outside of Cancun, this house is like something out of a fairytale. When you're not busy pretending to be a mermaid taking #selfies by the pool, you can head to the beach by golf cart or you know it's perfectly acceptable when you're house is this cool to pretend you're in an episode of MTV cribs for the entire duration of your stay.


The Cornwall Treehouse


Remember all those times you begged your parents to camp out overnight in your childhood treehouse or den. Well, now's your chance to make that dream come true. 2 metres up an ash tree lies this idyllic hideaway.


The Kenyan Hot-Spot

Just 14 kilometres south of Mombasa, you'll find this horseshoe shaped villa. All the bedrooms are dotted around the pool while there's also a golf-course and stables within the compound.

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