Home for the Holidays! Victoria Beckham Shares Sweet Pic of All Her Kids


Nothing makes a mum happier than having all her kids home for the holidays, and Victoria Beckham is no exception. The 43-year-old fashion designer and mother of four couldn't help being a little giddy to have all her little ones back home for Christmas, showing off the dashing Beckham brood on Instagram this morning.

While her three youngest are still living at home, Victoria and David Beckham's oldest son, Brooklyn, started attending university in N.Y.C. this year, and we're betting his parents miss him a lot. The budding photographer is officially home for the holidays, however, and his mum couldn't be happier.

The former Spice Girl posted a picture of her four kids, 18-year-old Brooklyn, 15-year-old Romeo, 12-year-old Cruz, and 6-year-old Harper, on Instagram, writing, "I’m so happy!!! All my babies together!!" The siblings look pretty happy themselves, too!


Beckham also shared a picture of a cute craft that she and Harper made. It features a cute quote about girls being made of sugar and spice, and there are several drawings of lovely ladies surrounding it.

"Mummy and Harper having so much fun with @tatianaalida_illustration X kisses VB," the former model wrote.


We bet there will be lots more holiday crafts and family photos to come from the Beckhams!


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