Harper Beckham Is the Poshest Schoolgirl You'll See This Fall


With Victoria and David Beckham as parents, style is pretty much in your DNA, right?

The Beckham brood is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable families on the planet. And at just 6 years old, Harper Beckham has already solidified her spot as a veritable child style icon.

Proud mum Victoria can't get enough of documenting Harper's looks. And the tot's latest shows that she's clearly the most stylish schoolgirl this fall. In it, she's all bundled up in earmuffs, a velvet beret, and a super cute coat—with her signature pigtail braids.

" Earmuffs :heavy_check_mark: wrapped up warm and ready to go!! Kisses :two_hearts: , " Victoria captioned the black-and-white photo.


Earmuffs ✔️ wrapped up warm and ready to go!!Kisses 💕

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We're not going to lie: Harper may just be our fall style inspiration! Taking fashion cues from a 6-year-old doesn't seem so far-fetched when she's a Beckham, you know?


[UNKNOWN] actually guilty pleasure. I mean, it's preferably gaining my trust. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Welcome to [UNKNOWN] invite the Queen of New York [UNKNOWN], Victoria Beckham. Well, thank you very much. Your show is incredible. It's amazing but it feels a little bit of a step in a new direction [UNKNOWN]. How do you describe your [UNKNOWN]? This season I think what's Turn it at it was. To me it wasn't about creating show business. It's creating pieces that gonna beautiful. It's about luxury. About making my feisty mom and woman to secure and empowered. I can do that, I moved so many years. I wish it was enough going to see To say that because I don't want to sound like I'm repeating myself but never has there been a time when that was more relevant. So is it kind of like a very modern [INAUDIBLE]? It has been right from the beginning with me. I really want to make my women feel strong and powerful and never was there a time where that was more relevant. Yeah. I really love women. If you had to wear one base piece for the rest of your life, what would you covet the most? It would would be hard. It would be like trying to pick my favorite child. I may need to talk to you about that. [LAUGH] Your style this week, has been quite different for you I feel like. How do you feel your style has developed since you've became a designer? We start in a heel and a nice bit of color and we end at [INAUDIBLE] John Smith? Know me and double the track suit. But, it's okay because I've had a man's table coat. Yeah, but but that was a phenomenal look though. I was like, I want to rock that coat now. Highlight was probably when I came out of my hotel, got caught in. The snowstorm. I saw that picture. My top when up, and when I looked I was wearing a crop top, which was unveiled, wasn't it? My jumper just got caught in the snowstorm. Yeah. Thankfully, I did have a trainer, but it was a little bit [CROSSTALK] Praise the Lord. And there's a lot of masculine catering in your collection. What is the one piece you steal from David's wardrobe? Is there anything to steal? I steal so much Just stuff, he as here the other day, and I go to him and say, you know i've got this trouser, I don't even know what it was, just found this trouser hanging up in your wardrobe, it is okay if I Yeah. Just take it and tweak it a tweak it tweak it a little bit, yeah. Yeah, I love wearing his clothes And you have Four amazing children. Thank you. And they're super fashionable as well on top of that. Thank you. What is the one piece of style advice you've given them? To be individual, that's the thing. They all have their own style and they all like Different things, they have individual style. And they pay attention to one another. When I took her to get her little outfit. You know, she likes to move around, checking us out. Strutting her stuff. And yeah. Does she nail your poses as well? Can she do them pretty well? [LAUGH] Let me tell you, she's very feminine. Yeah. She loves to wear She dresses him [INAUDIBLE] but she's [INAUDIBLE]. So she's a little bit of a tomboy as well. So she's tough. She's a really strong little girl. I think [INAUDIBLE]. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for saying such kind things [INAUDIBLE]. My God, I loved it. [MUSIC]
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