Sarah Jessica Parker Was the Cutest on Her Son's Last Day of School 

Sarah Jessica Parker Was the Cutest on Her Son's Last Day of School 
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As we scrolled through our Instagram feed today, we couldn't help but wonder: Is it really possible that James Wilkie is about to enter high school? Sarah Jessica Parker posted a photo of her son on his last day of eighth grade, in keeping with family tradition. And my, how her (not so) little one has grown!

"Annual last day of school photo. A rising 9th grader waits for the bus," the Divorce star wrote. She added: "As Jim Croce sang, 'If I could save time in a bottle..." Excuse us for a moment—we just need to deal with this lump in our throat.

Ahem! As we were saying: The student already has the makings of a style star, and looked like quite the cool customer in fitted black jeans and a bomber jacket over a graphic T-shirt. And, may we add, hair #goals?

High-school boys everywhere, take note! This is how you get the girl. 

This isn't the first time SJP has made us melt with a post devoted to her gorgeous family. Just last month, she had us squealing like Bieber fans—and brought back the word "golly"—when she posted a black-and-white snap from her wedding day.

SJP also showed fans inside her sweet Mother's Day celebration. The family bash included a sequin-strewn tablescape and bright flowers arranged by her 7-year-old twins, Tabitha and Loretta. 

Most perfect, indeed. And, you know what they say: the family that embraces sequins together... well, they just win. 

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