Ryan Phillippe Has Been Hospitalized 

Ryan Phillippe Has Been Hospitalized 
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Ryan Phillippe is in the hospital after injuring his right leg.

On Monday morning he posted an Instagram photo that shows himself bedridden at the hospital with his leg in a cast. While the Shooter star doesn't seem to be in the happiest of moods, he gives the camera a solid thumbs-up with his right hand.

Ryan Phillippe/ Instagram

"I'm going to be OK & I appreciate your concern. —:black_heart: me," he wrote in the caption.

While it is unclear exactly how he was injured, he did say in an interview with Popsugar from Saturday about how physically demanding his role as exiled Marine Bob Lee Swagger is on the USA show Shooter, which has led some Instagram well wishers to believe that the injury was related to Phillippe doing his own stunts.

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"You know, it's a tough show to shoot. The last two weeks we've been in the desert, Palmdale, [California,] you know, in degrees over 110," he revealed. "And it's a physical show, and I do all of my own stunts."

It isn't clear yet whether or not he actually injured himself on set, but he did admit that he pushes the limit while shooting sometimes. He also shared a couple snaps of himself in the hospital bed to his Instagram Story.

Ryan Phillipe / Instagram

"I mean, listen, you do a sitcom or, you know, another type of show, and you're just on a cool soundstage every day. We kind of really push it to the limits. But I love it at the same time," he said.

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"It's exhausting. I've got bruises. But it's going really well, and I'm excited about people seeing this new season."

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We wish Phillippe the best with his recovery.

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