Pink Does Carpool Karaoke Upside Down, Becomes a Singing Superhero


Pink may have just given us the most exciting Carpool Karaoke episode yet.

She and James Corden couldn't stop laughing, and, of course, singing as they rode around together through the streets of Los Angeles. The duo kicked off their sing-along with Pink's new hit song "What About Us," which slowly led into a dance moment that caused Corden to pull over to perform. Though he didn't quite nail the moves, Pink lauded his dedication. "That's not it, but that was amazing," she joked.

The most exciting part came towards the end of the ride, when Pink revealed that she sometimes sounds better when singing upside down. "It has to be a scientific thing," she confessed. So, naturally, Corden wanted to give it the old university try. After plenty of expletives, Pink totally proved her point by belting out the chorus of "Just Like A Pill" flawlessly while dangling from a swinging contraption on the street. Corden...not so much.

You've simply got to watch it. But warning: your stomach will hurt after this one.


Hello, it's me. [LAUGH] I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet, just have a drive around. [MUSIC] That was amazing. Stop, stop, stop. Stop taking his photo! How do you handle all this? Are you ready? Come on. Here we go. I'm not singing today. I was up all night. [MUSIC] Hey baby, I'm calling for you like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions? [LAUGH] I'm not gonna let you send that. Go on [LAUGH] [MUSIC] This is the Oval Office. My husband is in there somewhere. Is he in there right now? He'd better be. That's where he said he was. [LAUGH] Hello? Hi. How are you? Hi. I'm in the car with Selena Gomez. Aah! Hi. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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