Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are Engaged!

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Great news from one of our favourite star couples today: singer Joe Jonas, 28, and actress Sophie Turner, 21, are engaged! The two announced the news in the most adorable (Instagram) way possible, each posting a photo of the ring on the Game of Thrones star’s hand. (How about that rock, btw?) The ring is a double band with a flawless, tastefully-sized diamond perched in the middle. In the photo, Turner rests her hand over now-fiancé Jonas’s—too sweet!

Turned captioned her photo “I said yes." while Jonas, in his matching post, wrote “She said yes.”

I said yes.

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She said yes.

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As the couple have often been seen in coordinating outfits, it makes sense that their ‘grams are in sync too.

Turner’s real life love life is basically the opposite from her unlucky one on Game of Thrones. She and Jonas have been together and clearly quite smitten for almost a year now, and we are excited for this next stage of their relationship. Not to mention their wedding!


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