Blake Lively Gets Her Revenge on Ryan Reynolds with Hilarious Birthday Post


Ryan Reynolds isn’t the only budding comedian in the family, and Blake Lively wants you to know it.

On Monday, the Deadpool star celebrated his 41st birthday, and in typical fashion, he took the opportunity to serve up one of his hilarious tweets.

These dry parenting tweets have sort of become Reynolds’s thing.

Last week, Lively addressed the tweets during an appearance on Good Morning America.

“Luckily I lost my password to Twitter about a year and a half ago, so I haven’t been able to keep up. Everybody’s always asking about it, but I never know. He’s so funny, but [needs] a lot of therapy," the All I See Is You star joked.

Well, it seems that while we were busy laughing at Ryan’s latest tweet, Blake was plotting her revenge on the jokester—and not just for the tweets ...

Hours after the actor’s tweet, Lively posted a birthday message to her husband on Instagram. “Happy Birthday, baby,” she wrote—sweet, right? Well, just wait until you see the photo she chose:

Happy Birthday, baby.

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Battle of the hot Ryans!

If you recall, Reynolds did something similar to Blake on her birthday in August, cropping her out of a shot of the two of them, which, we'll admit, is slightly less savage than Lively's post.

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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Two can play at this game, Ryan (Reynolds).


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