How Driving A Jaguar Will Make You Feel Like A Total #GirlBoss

How Driving A Jaguar Will Make You Feel Like A Total #GirlBoss
Suzannah Ramsdale

I am in no way a car expert. In fact, I haven’t owned a car since rattling around Bournemouth in a dodgy Peugeot 206 during my student days. The car, though perfect for my less than chic university lifestyle, had a huge dent in it and would overheat if I was stuck in traffic for more than 5 minutes. Warning lights in rush hour are not fun. So, when I was tasked with the big responsibility of taking my young nephews out for the day this summer I decided to borrow a car, but a beaten up old Peugeot wasn’t going to cut it. Enter the Jaguar XJ R-Sport.

Big, posh and fast: I have never felt quite so ‘I’ve made it’ in my entire life. Here’s why I’ve become a total Jag-obsessive:

1. It makes you look (and feel) like a #girlboss

It was such a rush pulling up to the lights in my racing red Jag – complete with fancy wheels, chunky bumpers and sparkling grille – and seeing (mostly) men looking lustfully at the car, and then seeing the shock on their faces when they realised it was a young woman behind the wheel. Yes, boys, girls drive big fast cars, too.

2. When you put your foot down it feels like you're taking off

The 3.0 litre engine takes you from 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds and, wow, can you feel it. The acceleration is so quick it gives you that lurching, butterfly feeling in your stomach. In a good way. Not that I put my foot down too much with two little kids in the back, obvs (disclaimer, in case their mum reads this).

3. If parking isn’t your strong point…

Don’t worry, the Jag’s got you covered. There’s a reverse park camera (so handy), a 360-degree park distance control (to warn you politely but persistently when you’re getting a little too close) AND, if that wasn’t enough, there are five different cameras positioned around the car to show you exactly what you’re about to hit. There really is no excuse for a scrape again.

4. The game-changing blind spot monitor

This was actually one of my favourite features; a red light on the wing mirror flashes when cars approach in your blind spot. Ideal for long motorway drives and for people who don’t check their mirrors every five seconds, which is the recommended amount. Safety first, guys.

5. Then there's the pimpin’ seats 

Nothing says 'I've made it' more than a car with heated leather seats. But these cool down too, so all bases are covered.

6. And there's a sound system that makes you feel like you're at a gig

The surround sound (a Meridian Digital Surround Sound system for those in the know) is mega. People may not hear the quiet engine coming round the corner but they’ll hear Rihanna pumping out from miles away. Plus, the Jag has a Spotify app which learns your music preferences and creates bespoke playlists for you. Just like having your own in-car DJ.

7. It's perfect for the lazy girl

Arms tired from that Joe Wicks HIIT you just did and don’t have the energy to even open the car boot? Don’t worry just press a button to open and close it. Save your energy, gurl. 

8. You basically don’t have to think for yourself

The sat nav, which is brilliant and so easy to follow, also has traffic sign recognition technology to warn you about speed limits and cameras. No speeding tickets here, thanks.

Prices start at £70,975.00. Visit for more info. 

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