The Best Travel Instagrams To Follow For Major Wanderlust 

The Best Travel Instagrams To Follow For Major Wanderlust 

A brilliant Instagram travel account can do so much; as well as giving you all the inspo for your next vacay destination, a well-executed travel blogger can give you practical tips on what to pack, where to avoid, the unbeaten paths to take, and how to see somewhere like a local. 

I’m a travel junkie myself and since coming back from doing a grown-up gap year (if you're interested you can read all about the amazing hostels I stayed in, here) I’ve been trying to satisfy my wanderlust via some major Instagram stalking. The influencers I follow are literally living the dream: think sun-drenched infinity pools, first class travel and crystal clear tropical oceans. 

As I’m double-tapping these accounts not only do I feel hugely envious (who wouldn’t rather be on a permanent holiday, amirite?) but I’m inspired, too. Alongside the perfect flat-lays and bikini poses that would make the Hadids re-think their vacay social strategy, is a whole lot of inspiration. There’s the Australian mum who’s travelling with her adorable seven-year-old daughter in what looks like the most fun trip ever, the woman who quit her corporate city job to travel and the girl who’s literally eating her way around the world. 

Below are my favourite jetsetters to follow on Instagram: 

Followers: 400K
Currently 'Gramming her way around South Africa, Californian Kiersten quit her big city job to travel the world. So far she's been to over 50 countries and her Insta has everything you could want and more: tropical cocktails, flamingos and some great bikinis. Total #wanderlust.



Road trippin' around the US of A has never seemed so appealing. Kristen Blanton and Matt Jozwiak's dreamy photography makes it look, well, dreamy. They're currently giving us a serious case of California dreamin. 




Ben, 27, is a full-time travel blogger with permanently itchy feet - in his words: "Don't like staying anywhere for more than three days." This 27-year-old is all about the first class travel so follow for a peak into his ultra exclusive world - just maybe steer clear if you're about to board a stag party-packed Ryan Air flight.

Is this place even real?!

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Followers: 384K 

From Kyoto to Copenhagen and Myanmar to India, @girleatworld is eating her way around the world one delicious-looking 'Gram at a time. Her captions are super-informative and she gives regular shout-outs to other travel bloggers, too. Foodies, hit that follow button now. 


This Insta is a millenial wet dream: pink, #tileporn and wisteria everything. Follow for instant access to the prettiest cities (and sometimes towns and villages) in the world. 



The death of her best friend spurred mum Evie on to spend all the money she had saved for a kitchen renovation on a year of travel with her 5-year-old daughter, Emmie, instead. That was in February 2016, now she and seven-year-old Emmie are still going strong. I smile everytime I look at this account. 


Only one thing springs to mind when looking at Lauren Bullen's Insta: "Can I swap lives, please?"

Stormy feels ⚡️

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Anna speaks an incredible seven languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Polish, German and Italian) meaning that she really gets to the heart of every place she visits. In her words, she tried to: "Combine inspiration for adventure travels with elements of cultural, historical and political narrative." Racking up those 'likes' and learning, now you can't argue with that. 



Because we can't all travel first class everywhere (or anywhere...) advice on how to travel on a shoestring is always welcome. Enter @budgettraveller whose thoughtful posts on the coolest tours, hotels, bars and restaurants will head straight into your 'saved' tab. 


New Yorker Alex is never far from an Insta-perfect beach or sunset-drenched infinity pool. You'll see her sipping on fresh coconut water and posing on watermelon pool floats in Bermuda, the Bahamas, Thailand, Laos and Costa Rica. Follow for inspo on how to live your best life. 


You've probably already heard of this couple, but if you're not following them, step on it. Russian photographer Murad Osmann's 'Follow Me To' Instagram project went viral in 2012. His beautiful girlfriend Nataly Zakharova has been leading him around the world by the hand for five years and the results are so glamorous. 


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