8 Of The Most Instagram-able Destinations To Visit This October

8 Of The Most Instagram-able Destinations To Visit This October

A summer of Balearic-blues and island vistas may fast be becoming a distant memory, but with the promise of pumpkins, falling leaves, and the lingering hope for an Indian summer, October has a lot of promise when it comes to pics for the ‘gram.

Whether you’re looking for vivid autumnal hues or some winter sun to stave off the changing season for a little longer, here are nine of the best locations to keep you on top of your Insta-game this October.

1. Mauritius

If your feed is crying out for envy-inducing white sands and endless turquoise seas, Mauritius will provide ample amounts of both. October is spring time, meaning that the weather is warming up (after an admittedly, also warm, winter) without being unbearably humid.


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Tip: Like your October holidays action-packed? Hike up to Le Pouce and take in the views out to Port Louis, or explore the Black River Gorges National Park (home to over 300 species of flowering plants and endangered birds) and you have a recipe for Insta-success.

2. Jordan

Float on the Red Sea, examine the awe-inspiring ancient ruins of Petra, explore the dramatic desertscape on horseback and sleep under the stars in a Bedouin camp. Got your attention? Now you just need a travel buddy to make sure it’s all caught on camera.

On October holidays, bright days light up the rock of Petra rose-red, and it’s warm enough to swim with jellyfish in the crystal clear waters in Aqaba and the Dead Sea.


Tip: October holidays in Jordan are perfect for diving: the water is a warm 26°C and marine life is abundant. Look out for eagle rays and turtles.

3. Seville, Spain

The air temperature may be cooling slightly, but Seville is no less sultry on this side of the summer months. Game of Thrones fans should head straight to the ancient Real Alcázar - more widely recognised as the Water Gardens of Dorne from the hit TV show.


What the Unesco site may lack in Martells and Sand Snakes, it makes up for in grandeur, attracting Thrones fans from all over the world with its other-worldly opulence.

Tip: Climb Seville Cathedral, before visiting the Orange and Lemon Tree garden - your followers will enjoy the scenery, while you enjoy the scent.

4. Japan

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more dramatic display of Autumn colours than vibrant palette of maples in Japan’s forests, lakes and temples.

The Lake Towada region and Oirase Stream boast great hiking trails and make for a traditional, rural experience of Japan - or alternatively snap the views of Mount Fuji framed in autumnal maple from the shores of Lake Kawaguchiko.


Tip: See some of the finest displays in Kyoto, the “City of Ten Thousand Temples”. Evening is the best time to visit, as the trees are often lit up to their best advantage.

5. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Caribbean coastline, coconut cocktails and candy-floss pink waters... What? No filter is necessary on the extraordinary lakes of Las Coloradas on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula - where algae, plankton, and brine shrimp turn the water of these salt-extraction lakes flamingo-pink. Whilst swimming is no longer allowed, you can still stop to take photos.


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Tip: A day trip to the Mayan ruins at Tulum, or a trip to one of the region’s many cenotes are other easy Insta-wins for October holidays.

6. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia’s main tourist season has wound down and whilst temperatures have also dropped, the cooler, quieter days make for excellent outdoorsy holidays with smaller crowds and even smaller costs.

It may be too cold for swimming, but the picture-postcard Lake Bled with its fairytale medieval castle look spectacular framed in autumn colours, and daytime temperatures of around 15C will allow for pleasant hikes.


Tip: Even though mountain trails are always open, at this time of year many of the mountain huts will be closed or have reduced operating hours. Check before you set off!

7. Marrakech, Morocco

Whether lounging on the cool tiled terraces of a riad, or admiring the mounds of colourful spices of Jemaa el-Fnaa, there’s plenty of Insta-potential in Marrakech that will add immeasurably to your mosaic.


October is an excellent time to visit: the weather is at an ideal midpoint between the scorching highs of August and the chilly lows of January, and crowds are more manageable.

Tip: The main square, Jemaa el-Fnaa, completely transforms from day to night - so make sure you witness it at both times.

8. Central Park, NYC

Go to New York at any time of year and you’re guaranteed to watch the likes roll in faster than a subway train rumbling into Grand Central station.


Take some snaps of the city’s skyscrapers framed by autumnal oranges and yellows of Central Park, punctuated by chestnut sellers and the first iconic plumes of steam rising from the sidewalk vents and you’re onto a winner.

Tip: Watch out for price hikes - especially around half-term October holidays - to ensure the best value trip for your buck.


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