A Fashion Blogger’s Guide To Berlin

A Fashion Blogger’s Guide To Berlin
Veronika Heilbrunner

Berlin-based influencer Veronika Heilbrunner on where to eat, drink, shop and chill in the city...

Born in Munich, Veronika Heilbrunner started her career in fashion as a model before switching to work behind the lens as a fashion editor. With an eye for spotting cool new designers before they hit the mainstream and a knack for putting together outfits that are totally Instabait, it didn't take long for Veronika herself to become a street style star. Living in Berlin, she has one of those enviable 'slashie' careers, think fashion blogger/ influencer/ brand consultant and co-founder of the style website Hey Woman! So who better than to fill us in on where to eat, drink, shop and chill in the city... 


Where’s best to start our day?
We have these young guys in my area who have this place called What Do You Fancy Love? They do lots of homemade cakes and cookies and it’s really amazing. It’s always crowded. And they have just opened a new one called A Never Ending Love Story, and that’s even smaller so I shouldn't really be telling you because it’s just going to get even busier.


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Your favourite restaurant for a fun dinner with friends?
Grill Royal is the best place. It’s amazing and you always have lots of fun, it’s like an amazing restaurant and a great party place. I always order the big shrimps and they have amazing meat, too. You share with your friends, like a filet or something. It’s very classic but it’s very, very good. It’s very Berlin, after a certain hour you’re allowed to smoke in the restaurant and then there’s tonnes of cocktails and party music. They just opened a smaller version called Le Petit Royal which I like a lot too.

Anywhere else for fun food and vibes?
In Charlottenburg I like Paris Bar. That’s another classic. It’s very beautiful and it’s been there forever. There is also Diener Tattersall. It’s like a pub , all very dark brown. It’s very down to earth but it really cool. Katz Orange is also very nice. Plus I love Markthalle Neun. It’s basically like a market place with all different booths. They have amazing breakfast options too.


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What about cocktails?
I’m always telling people: ‘Open a cocktail bar in Berlin’ because there aren’t any. When I want to have a drink before dinner, I don’t know where to go. It’s so sad, there are not even good bars in hotels. Maybe it is because Berlin is such a crazy party town.

Where do you go when you want to pick up a cute gift for someone?                                                                             Alex Eagle’s store in Soho House is amazing. I will always go to KaDeWe too. It’s a German department store so not really on a tourist list of must-see places. But India Mahdavi, the architect who did Sketch in London, just renovated the women’s department, and then Rem Koolhaas is set to renovate the whole house soon, so it’s going to be really funky.


Tell us the best view for nailing those Insta likes...
The view from the top of the Potsdamer Platz is amazing. In the 50s and 60s it was built as a social project and all these architects built high-rise buildings in the midst of Tiergarten. And, now people have rediscovered it and it’s becoming really cool. Everybody wants a penthouse there because it has amazing views. It’s not beautiful but it’s the centre of Berlin where everything was torn down. There is one elevator and I remember when I moved to Berlin, on my first day, my colleagues took me there and we went up an elevator like 50 stories or something and the view was amazing.

Who is your go-to florist?
Ruby at Mary Lennox Flowers. They also sell at Alex Eagle. And then I go to Marsano when I want something more classic.


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What about when you need a mani/ pedi?
The Cowshed Spa in Soho House or for treatments I go to the STUE hotel. It’s the former Danish consulate, that’s why it has such a weird name. It’s a beautiful hotel.

Any secret places we need to discover?
There are so many museums. You need to check them all out on Museum Island. I love visiting all the castles. And in Charlottenburg there’s a place where every Friday, Saturday and Sunday there’s an antique market. I mean it’s not cheap but it’s a really nice market because you will find lots of nice stuff there. Whereas all the other markets are super-trashy. What's also amazing is in St Agnes, there’s an old Catholic church with a gallery inside. It’s really good to look at and there is a little café for afterwards. 

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