BKR and Swarovski Created the Fanciest Water Bottles Ever

BKR and Swarovski Created the Fanciest Water Bottles Ever

If you're the type of girl (or boy) that lives for glitter, you absolutely need to add these pretty water bottles to your life. Luxe jug-maker BKR, aka the brand that all of your Instagram-famous friends are obsessed with, has teamed up with Swarovski for the 500 Collection, and the name says it all. The lids on the sparkly new containers are made with over 500 Austrian crystals. And some styles are even outlined with gold-plated caps. Yeah, that's more bling than a Paris Hilton flip phone in 2005.

Of course, the glamorous water bottles come with a luxe price tag ($185 to be exact), but it's totally worth it since every purchase will support a good cause. All profits are going directly to the Water For People Organization. The non-profit makes a huge difference in the lives of those that live in under-developed countries by providing them with sustainable sources for drinking water. So each BKR x Swarovski bottle purchase will provide a one-month supply of clean water to someone in need.

That's what we call guilt-free shopping. Check out the entire collection below, and get your hands on one of the limited-edition bottles before it's too late.

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