16 Boozy Advent Calendars To Make The Christmas Countdown Even More Fun

16 Boozy Advent Calendars To Make The Christmas Countdown <em>Even</em> More Fun
The Pip Stop

There's something so satisfying about opening an advent calendar door each day and uncovering whatever treat lurks behind. It's a little reward to say 'yes, you've made it one step closer to being able to live in your pyamas and binge on The Holiday.' We're fans. We're also fans of anything that encourages us to drink wine/gin/prosecco/vodka/beer (delete as appropriate) every day. Enter alcoholic advent calendars.

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They were good last year, but this year, everything is covered. You've got an advent calendar that'll provide you with the tools to 'pimp your prosecco' each and every day. The dream. Then there's the one with 24 different individual craft beers - all of which can be personalised. Winning. Then there's the wine one. Not much to say about that apart from: wine, every, day. That is living. 

It's up to you, of course (your life, your rules), but we'd recommend opening the door to your boozy advent calendar in the evening. Vodka in the morning isn't the one. Trust us, we've tried. 

Alcoholic advent calendars, what a time to be alive. 

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