Gin And Tonic Ice Lollies Are A Thing. And Here's How You Can Make Them

Gin And Tonic Ice Lollies Are A Thing. And Here's How You Can Make Them
Boulder Locavore

Boozey ice-lollies, alco-popsicals or alcol-lollies: whatever you want to call them, for sure you want to try them. Here are 4 delicious recipes your summer party guests will love you for.

In the search of summer cool down solutions we've done some investigative research and it turns out ice-lollies with booze are the one. Sure, a Calippo is great during a heat-wave, but nothing beats the grown-up take. Think peach bellini and watermelon mojitos turned into frozen versions on a stick. And we're not the only ones going cray for booze in frozen form. This week, POPS released a version of Pimm's lollies, featuring just like the real deal, lemonade, cucumber, strawberries and mint. Meanwhile, Poptails by LAPP add rum to mango and pineapple sorbet while for something a bit posher try Fortnum & Mason's Frozen Champagne lollys. With most lollies with booze content of on average of 4.5 per cent - the same as a strong lager, they are are deceptively tipsy inducing too. If you want to DIY, all you need is some lolly moulds, wooden sticks, a blender and of course, booze. Check out the recipes below that are guaranteed to do cool you down and of course, are totally Instagrammable too...

Gin & Tonic

A Dash Of Ginger

Recipe via a Dash Of Ginger

Grapefruit, Basil and Vodka

Jerry James Stone

Recipe via Jerry James Stone

Peach Bellini


Recipe via Bespangled

Watermelon Mojitos

Boulder Locavore

Recipe via Boulder Locavore

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