4.4 Million Followers And Counting. What's Aimee Song's Instagram Secret?

4.4 Million Followers And Counting. What's Aimee Song's Instagram Secret?
Aimee Song

She has over 4.4  million Insta followers, counts Diane Von Furstenberg and Louis Vuitton creative director Nicholas Ghesquiere as friends and has inked a deal with Laura Mercier to become a brand ambassador for a rumoured $500,000. When it comes to being a digital influencer, Aimee Song’s AKA Song Of Style is totally goals. Here’s she talks stats, fashion shows and why it’s all about career diversification…
The new influencers are bloggers. I don’t think other fashion expert feel threatened by us anymore. We’re all so different. People read a magazine for a different reason to why they read a blog or watch a vlog.
The biggest game changer has been Instagram. When it came out everyone including magazines had to rethink their strategy. Now a lot of influencers don’t even have blogs. They’re just Instagrammers. Or if they do have a website, their traffic is lower than the following on their Instagram.
Brands are much slower than bloggers when it comes to social media trends. As a blogger you only have to report to yourself. You’re your own boss so it’s easier to change things. Whereas brands have to report to so many different people it takes them a little bit longer to catch up.
It’s all about using different social media channel for different purposes. Instagram has become much more curated. If I’m at a restaurant I might Snapchat my whole evening. But I’ll wait a couple of hours after I’ve left to Insta a photo of my food. Instagram has become much less instant due to Snapchat.
I used to be really shy in front of the camera but when I started using Snapchat I became much more comfortable. I’ve always had a YouTube channel but only used to upload to it about once a year. Now I’ve started to be a little more active. People still want to see a whole video even if they’ve seen some of it on Snapchat.
Blogging has become a job people now consider. Three years ago if you asked a little girl ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ they’d say a pop star or a model. But now, they come up to me and say ‘I want to be blogger.’


The traditional fashion shows are set in huge venues and they are beautiful but they only last 15 minutes. And then you move to the next one. Whereas, for say the Dior cruise collection it became an experience. We took the train to the palace in the morning, saw the show and then there was a party in the evening. It’s memorable in its own way because of that. And it helps you really understand the story of the brand or the collection.
I shop online a lot but I also still like going to stores too. Sometimes when you’re splurging on something you want to touch it and try it on. Going to say Celine which you can’t even buy online is a nice experience. But even then I’ll know exactly what I want when I go inside as I would have seen it at their show.
Influencers can use their platform to launch their career in a different way. I know some people who are using it to become an actress and a singer. You can diversify yourself. It’s just like celebrities. Take Gwyneth Paltrow, she doesn’t just act she has her website and cooking books too.
I kept my new fashion line Jamé a secret when I first launched it. I didn’t announce it was mine originally as I wanted to see reactions that weren’t biased. So I wore a few pieces and people started responding naturally. I just wanted people to genuinely like it before telling them it was mine..
Diane Von Furstenberg wrote the foreword to my book Capture Your Style. We met around five years ago and just naturally became friends. Her brand has been around for such a long time but she is always keeping up to date with social media and stuff like that so I thought she was appropriate.


I’ve been approached by so many beauty brands to be an ambassador. The reason I chose Laura Mercier is because I had actually been using their products for years. Traditionally brands chose models because they’re beautiful and girls want to look like them, but the model might have never used the brand before or know how to apply the product. I know I’m not the prettiest and some people were surprised but the ambassador role came really naturally. They don’t have content approval on what I post, I just do what I do.

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