Yacht Week Might Just Be The Most Glam Holiday In The World: Here's 7 Reasons Why 


From discovering secret coves, working on your tan and dancing all night under the stars, here's why The Yacht Week is the only holiday worth taking...


The Yacht Week

It’s ultimate squad goals…

Choose up to 12 of your mates and charter your own yacht or grab your BFF to join an existing yacht with a spare cabin. Then choose your route. Whether you want to dance under the stars in Croatia, climb a volcano in Sicily or ring in the New Year on the British Virgin Islands, The Yacht Week has all your squad goals covered. Plus, with people jetting in from all over the world for a similar experience you know you’re set to make a lot of like-minded new friends.



Girls who sail together, stay together. Photo: @rosscockrell #theyachtweek

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All the planning is done for you…
Let’s face it, we’ve all got enough going on on a day-to-day basis without adding to the mix planning a holiday.
The joy of The Yacht Week is once you’ve booked you’re sorted. There are no group what’s app pas agg messages about booking tables at that must visit nightclub or who's responsible for organising paddle boarding. Instead, you’ll receive an itinerary with what you’re welcome to opt in or out of doing, meaning you and your mates can just focus on having fun.  



It’s like next level Tinder...

If you spend Sunday evenings in your PJ’s, eating pizza, watching Love Island and simultaneously swiping on Tinder than The Yacht Wekk is going to seriously up your dating game. With the majority of yachts made up of singles aged 25-30, and a 50/50 gender ratio this is one major flotilla of potential. Plus according to research from the team at The Yacht Week, apparently there have been 86 references to ‘The Yacht Week’ in wedding speeches since it started.



Imagine the likes…
Get ready to take on those travel bloggers that are always spamming your Insta feed with major envy inducing travel posts. The Yacht Week is essentially guaranteed Insta bait. From those gazing wistfully off into distance golden hour shots, to those group cheers to the rosé boomerangs and hyperlapse shots of you diving into the blue sea, just think of The Yacht Week as one huge content creation opportunity. Get perfecting that selfie pose now.



Sailing into the deep blue abyss 💦 Come join us. Photo: @arronphoto

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It’s like the most glamourous festival in the world…

With music pumping from every yacht, everyone smothered in glitter and dancing barefoot until dawn, The Yacht Week almost feels like the ultimate festival but without any of the dreaded mud and portaloo issues. One day during your trip, all the yachts will be moored together in a star formation to create one giant swimming pool in the middle of the sea. Add to that an endless array of unicorn inflatables, floating shots and you’ll never want to go to a festival on dry land again.



Fruit salad in the sea 🍉🍇🍈🍊🍏🍒🍑🍕Photo: @arronphoto #TBTYW

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But there’s much more to it than just daytime drinking…
Sure there’s lots of time for letting your skipper do the sailing while you kick back and sip champagne but there’s a lot more to The Yacht Week than just a week of 24 hour partying. From discovering secret caves in Montenegro, to sea side yoga in Croatia and eating your way around the best tapas bars in Mallorca, get ready to start ticking things off your bucket list.



You never know what it will lead to...

Spending 24 hours a day for 7 days meeting new people from all over the world while experiencing some once in a life opportunites can only mean one thing - new friends for life. Which also means plenty of more opportunites to expand not only your social life but also professional network too. Interested in working in NY? You might just meet someone who is up for doing a job swap. An expert at marketing? You might bump into the head of a new start-up looking for just that. Love social media? You might be on-board a yacht with someone who needs someone to manage their brand's accounts. Now that's just way cooler than a Linkedin request.




Bookings for The Yacht Week 2018 season open on November 1st



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