A Major Supermodel Has Designed A Fashion Range For Lidl. Who'd Of Thought It?


Next time you skip on down to Lidl for your cut price champagne or your bargain bananas you may encounter something unexpected… Heidi Klum is launching a collection for the cut-price supermarket. Yes. Really.

The model turned presenter turned designer is launching her first collection for the store on 18th September. Ranging from a bargaintastic £4.99 to £49.99, the range will hardly break the weekly shopping budget.


Ticking off some of the key trends for Autumn/winter 2017, Heidi has created a collection entitled, ‘Heidi and The City’ which is meant to symbolise the energy of New York City. Well her large use of leopard print across two pieces, winter coats and ankle boots certainly is just as vivid as Heidi herself. Perhaps her time co-judging with Mel B on America’s Got Talent is rubbing off on the model…

In our exclusive behind the scenes video, Heidi is shown skipping around a faux supermarket with a gang of girls having the shopping trip of her life, confetti guns and all! Speaking about her debut for Lidl, Heidi stated, “I wanted to create fashion with a wow effect that is easy to combine and makes every woman look fantastic – and all at an unbeatable price.” The collection extends to bomber jackets and genuine leather and suede jackets – again, yes… really!

esmara by Heidi Klum

Shot by the legendary photographer Rankin, Lidl are certainly bringing the glitz and the glam to supermarket clothing. Esmara by Heidi Klum launches in 670 Lidl UK stores on the 18th September.


[MUSIC] I love fashion, super passionate about it. I love woman and I want women to feel great. Working with Heidi is my [UNKNOWN] There are super special, especially when they work together. I feel like [UNKNOWN] entire ball of energy, they walk into a room and [UNKNOWN] I really felt inspired by her. She flies down the runway. [MUSIC] We felt like we were a girl band, because it was us four and then Heidi was our front girl and we're just kind of like in our leopard and just breaking out into dancing. [MUSIC] So when we started designing we really wanted to incorporate a little color Make it a nice gradient of the color yellow, blue, red. I think I have a lot of personality, and I think that shows in the line, I think that it is fun, it's flirty, it's sexy, all women comes in many different shapes and sizes, that's what makes us so beautiful. Beautiful. Bye. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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