How To Keep Your Bleached Hair J-Law Worthy White

How To Keep Your Bleached Hair J-Law Worthy White

Farewell brassy blonde! These are the secrets to keeping your bleached hair whiter than J-Law's platinum bob in a snow storm eating a Mr Whippy…

Between Tay Tay's brand new edgy white blonde bob, J-Law's increasingly platinum X-Men lob and frankly, our ongoing obsession with Elsa from Frozen, we're determined to keep our bleached locks from becoming inevitably brassy and yellow.

FYI in this case (maybe the only one ever) Dolly Parton is not what we're aiming for.

But no one ever said having white hair was low maintenance. If you wanna go ice white you've got to commit. Here's our top tips for keeping the brassiness at bay…

1. Get The Bleach Right

When it comes to blonde no one knows bleach better than Rosie H-W's go to hairstylist George Northwood. 'I'm gonna get technical - when you go bleach blonde, there's levels, and you need to get the tone to very pale yellow for it to look white. Basically to get icy white hair, you have to bleach it to within an inch of its life.'

Not sure your hair can take it? If you've got fine hair then an alternative option to hardcore bleach is to go for highlights instead. A full head of pale blonde highlights will slowly but surely achieve the same effect without damaging you hair to the same extent.

But be warned, this isn't a quick fix, if you're hair's even slightly dark you'll need to commit to several sessions over the course of about a year to get your locks a whiter shade of pale.

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2. Tone Up

Enter more top tips from Mr Northwood - 'After you've had it bleached, you need to ask your hairdresser to tone it. If they describe the colour as 'warm' it means its got yellow in it, so to get it looking more Sky Ferreira and Poppy Delevingne, ask for a silver toner.'

Just make sure they tone it silver and it's not left on too long so you enter purple rinse territory. Unless that's what you're going for obvs.

And let's be honest, taking a picture with you of your fave blonde celeb inspo (Blondie we're looking at you) never hurts.

3. Homework

According to George, bleaching your hair is  '…probably the most chemically processed situation you can put your hair through', so you've got to take care of it at home. Time for a bit of DIY.

'If your hair starts to go yellow post salon, use a purple shampoo or spray, as it'll help neutralise the colour.' Try BLEACH Silver Shampoo or the classic Pro: Voke Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo. We repeat, don't overuse or you'll end up looking like Dame Edna. Once a week should do the trick. 'After the purple shampoo, use Pureology's Perfect 4 Platinum Conditioner so your hair looks super cool and shiny.

And for a personalised shampoo recommendation that'll keep brassiness at bay, check out our sister beauty site Powder.

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Loads of people love that matte blonde Lucky Blue Smith look but obviously it's not for everyone. If your white blonde locks are still looking damaged, go back to the salon and have a keratin blow-dry - it'll seal the cuticles and add loads of shine. Finish with Redken Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist for luscious blonde locks worthy of Suki Waterhouse.'

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