Personalised Haircare Is The ONLY Way To Nail Beautiful Locks In 2017

Personalised Haircare Is The ONLY Way To Nail Beautiful Locks In 2017

Make this your New Year’s resolution

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After a solid month of Christmas partying, we were first in line to try the latest development in hair brilliance: an online Speed Mapping tool. Not as complicated as it sounds, it simply analyses your hair type – which is as unique to you as your fingerprint – and tells you exactly which products you need to get it looking incredible.

Brainchild of System Professional, EnergyCode™ Mapping is an incredibly accurate hair consultation that can be done in a salon or online if you’re short on time. You’ll be asked to answer questions about both your hair and scalp to determine your unique EnergyCode™ from over 174 million possible combinations – so the products it recommends really will be individual to you.

We’re so impressed we’ve teamed up with System Professional so that you can enjoy a FREE hair treatment.* All you need to do is find your nearest participating salon and quote ENERGYCODE2017 over the phone to book. Don’t forget to share a pic of your fabulous new hair with us @InStyle_UK using the hashtag #oneyearofenergy.

Halley Brisker, hair stylist to the stars, explains the thinking behind the revolutionary concept. ‘Hair care ranges often lump us into a small handful of categories, meaning that more often than not, individual needs are missed.

‘With EnergyCode™ Mapping this doesn’t happen. It diagnoses products targeted to your hair’s specific needs, restoring it back to its most vibrant and energised state. What’s more, your hair’s unique fingerprint is recognised and rewarded with a bespoke hair care range just for you.’

Now, if like us, you’re already casting around for a New Year revamp, getting your very own EnergyCode™ will help you get your hair into tip top condition. Shiny, healthy hair is the perfect place to start with any style and will pave the way for a year of new looks. We’re thinking of maxing out on waves and big, loose curls, with sleek sculptural plaits and twists for sophisticated night-time looks with our new personalised System Professional regime.

Poppy Delevingne is the Ambassador for System Professional and she’s showing no signs of giving up on her perfect platinum blonde. Now we know she’s using her EnergyCode™, we can see why!

*Offer valid until 9pm on 28 February 2017.

By Hannah Gooding


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