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Man buns might be so 2013 (click here for some background man bun research), but one user on Reddit is making the case for a comeback, with some unlikely models – the world’s political leaders. Yep, that’s right; Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair and Barack Obama are sporting some serious hairstyles in this hilarious photoset that you need to see, courtesy of DesignCrowd. Nice corn rows, George Bush. Scroll down to see all the styles, plus what we think it says about them.

David Cameron
A neat little bun with visible hairband, David’s style is trying to say “I’m too busy looking after the state of the economy to care about my hair”. We’re not convinced, though; those glossy locks scream weekly Brazilian oil treatment.

Tony Blair
Tony is laying his cards on the table with this no-nonsense natural hair colour, scraping his locks off his face so he can get on with being the ex-Prime Minister and all. 

George Bush
George Bush in cornrows is something you can never unsee. His bun might be super-glossy, but we suggest he ditches the braids ASAP. Is he doing a David Beckham?

Barack Obama
We wouldn’t be surprised if Barack Obama actually used to rock this look back in the day – he’s looking positively regal in one of these pictures, with his natural hair pulled into a relaxed bun. Not so keen on the shaved sides, though – that’s more Geordie Shore than Whitehouse.

Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-(B)un’s hair is pretty impressive anyway, but he’s taken those shaved sides even further for this man bun move. The strands sticking out the top give make the style a fun edge, don’t you think?

Vladimir Putin
Putin looks like some kind of hipster James Bond, what with those icy blue eyes and full top-knot. He might not have much hair in real life, but this look more than makes up for his follicle faults. 

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