Too Scared To Dye Your Hair? Here's Why Wigs Are Making It Big...

Too Scared To Dye Your Hair? Here's Why Wigs Are Making It Big...

Resident colour chameleon Beauty Assistant George Driver isn't scared to dye her hair, but what happens when you just want to change it up for a day? Well, if you're Rihanna, Kendall and Rita you rock an awesome wig. Here's why they're the hottest way to work a 24 hour transformation...

Not sure about bleaching your hair? Fancy a pixie crop but don't know if you'll suit it? Beauty Assistant George Driver's had some weird colours in her time but if you're not too keen on committing, we've found your instant 24 hour transformation solution - wigs. No longer just for Dame Edna and clowns, wigs are officially having a moment.

Hollywood's best kept secret, you'd be amazed at how many A-list celebs rock wigs on the red-carpet. Trust us, it's a lot. The easiest way to change up your hair colour and length without any drastic decisions, wigs are the latest trend to rock the beauty world.

And everyone (yup, everyone) uses them. Take Fendi's latest campaign starring BFFs Kendall Jenner and Lily Donaldson. When Kendall posted this behind the scenes pic on her Instagram of her and Lily swapping hair colours we thought she'd done a Kim and bleached her black locks. Nope, they're just working some seriously good wigs.



But it's not just the fashion world that's getting in on the action. If you've ever wondered how Rihanna and Rita go from a bleach blonde bob one day to long flowing locks the next, we're here to let you know, it's all wigs people. Yup, even celebrities can't magically grow Rapunzel-esque hair overnight.

Rocking a bleach blonde block fringe wig on her latest V magazine cover, it's yet another wig win for RiRi. And why not? Yes, it might still be a social taboo to arrive at the office wearing a wig, but on a night out or special event, a well-placed wig can go a long way.

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Just look at Rita Ora. One day a super short slicked crop, the next, long golden Hollywood waves perfect for her ultra-glam Coca Cola campaign. Her secret? A great wig.

Fancy trying it yourself? Check out our top tips for wig perfection courtesy of pro hairstylist Paul Edmonds:

1. ‘Wigs are a great way of doing a quick change or trial a new look. Always go for the best quality you can afford. That does not always mean real hair. Shorter styles can be just as believable in a synthetic fibre and easier to wear.'

2. 'Always get the cut  personalised by your hairdresser so you can wear it with confidence and be shown how to secure it.'

3. 'On longer looks, lace fronts are fantastic but remember to cut the excess lace edge away so it fits with your hairline. Remember you have to wear it as though it's your own hair and not a hat that has to be constantly straightened.’

By George Driver/@iamgdriver

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