This Is The Ombre Colour Trend You’re Going To Want To Wear All Season Long

This Is The Ombre Colour Trend You’re Going To Want To Wear All Season Long
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*Books into hair salon immediately*

Forget those platinum tips—your ombre highlights are about to take on some serious bronzed goddess vibes. Similar to the way Lily Aldridge's layers seem to be bathed in a warm sepia filter, the bronze ombre trend is a warmer, more blended look than the typical contrasting effect. "This approach provides a subtle transition from dark to light tones, which looks more natural. Less is more with this colour trend," explains Lila Carlino, advanced colorist at New York City's Julien Farel Salon. "Think of a warm base with ribbons of caramel, to light golden-blonde on the very ends. It's the kind of color that will make your girlfriends ask where you went on holiday over the weekend."

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Better yet, it's even more low-maintenance than its predecessor. Because of the way the colors work together, your natural tone practically melts into the bronze hue, which gradually fades into a lighter, earthier tone toward the ends. "I love a bronze ombre paired with a rich, beautiful base colour, because the highlights can really stand out and make a statement," Carlino adds. "Styling with a curling iron helps to enhance the glossy finish. It illuminates using metallic tones and creates a very healthy appearance." Bronze highlights work well on just about every hair type and color—particularly deep brunette, auburn, and dark blonde—and add an instant sun-kissed glow to cool and warm complexions alike. Considering that it's the middle of winter, it's certainly a more flattering alternative to going overboard on the bronzer.

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