Should I Straighten My Hair To Look ‘Smart’? I’ve Got A Curly Girl Identity Crisis

Should I Straighten My Hair To Look ‘Smart’? I’ve Got A Curly Girl Identity Crisis

Curly haired girls, the struggle is real

Should I straighten my hair? It’s a question I ask myself before most major occasions; every time I have a job interview, know I’m going to be on camera or basically want my hair to look reliably ‘smart’, I run through the same internal debate about whether or not I should straighten my naturally curly hair.

I want my hair to look glossy, but I don’t want people to think that I’ve got straight hair all the time – I’m a loyal curly-girl at heart, and I feel like straightening my hair is almost a denial of my identity.

I’m also taking a stand against the idea that curly hair can’t be chic (Hollywood has a big problem with making leading lady hair straight to signify some kind of epiphany where the character finally gets her life together) - by keeping my hair curly for these important events, I feel a bit like I’m staging a one-woman protest against beauty standards imposed on woman to look impeccably groomed at all times (not that curly hair can’t look groomed, it just takes work).  

Last week, I had my hair blow-dried straight at Marylebone’s Gielly Green – it looked sleek, glossy and healthy, and I got way more compliments than my normal waves. Backhanded compliments? Maybe not, it was probably because it was such a change (I don’t go straight often), but I was very aware that for the two video interviews I did that week, I was captured on camera for evermore with poker straight tresses. I feel like I let the curly side down (while simultaneously loving my swishy curtain-like locks).

Me, questioning my straight hair

Turns out I’m not the only one - Digital Writer Rebecca Gillam has been straightening her ‘naturally curly (ginger) hair for years — pretty much since the invention of GHDs, though it's not quite so noughties poker nowadays. It just makes me feel a bit more together-looking. I like to wear ridiculous things like Birkenstocks and socks, and when my hair is straight, I think it looks ironic — like I'm aware of how silly it is — which I don't when I leave it natch. WHY that is I don't know, especially as whenever it's unstraightened — on holiday or apres 'working out' — people are always like: 'Ohhh, you should leave it curly more often'. It's a lose lose’.

So what’s a girl to do?! I feel like I should continue to fight the good fight and keep my hair curly to prove it can look professional, and if they can’t love me at my frizziest, they don’t deserve me at my sleekest. Are you with me?!

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